Alien Contact, Not If But When…

So, in the mix of looking at stellar phenomena, a signal was detected. It’s still needs to be analyzed, but in terms of passing filters of rule outs, it’s being heralded as the best candidate for potential evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence in 40 years. It’s better than the ‘Wow’ signal. And, it’s right next door. Four light years away- that’s actually within our reach with probes. If we really wanted to test our ingenuity and put our humanity on the line, putting politics and nationalism aside- we could reach Proxima Centauri, and have intel within even my life time.

I am not saying the signal is alien. I would like it to be. I would like Oumuamua to have been an alien probe. We know it’s interstellar, not locally made. And it’s strange. I love when even scientist say something is strange. As if we have monopoly on truth and knowledge. The TICTAC UFO, or UAP, I would like that to be extraterrestrial in origin. I wish one scientist had said that was strange. The Navy pilots chasing it were convinced it was alien. KIC 8462852 made the news not too long ago as there was evidence for an alien megastructure present- the light from the sun was being interrupted in an inexplicable way. There was strangeness. Maybe not ‘high strangeness,’ but strange enough to banter aliens in a discussion. Maybe we jump to quickly to god and alien explanations. Or maybe, we all innately know there is something more and it’s sophisticatedly subtle, as if baiting us to rise to a new perspective.

Maybe the noise from Proxima we’re hearing is actually manmade. A satellite operating in a frequency band not typically used. Or here’s an idea. Our Secret Space Force set up a base there and and about four years ago, they started broadcasting from Proxima Centauri 3 to help usher in a form of soft disclosure. It’s still us, but an us that recognizes we’re not alone, and humanity on a whole needs to be coddled up to disclosure, as opposed to the President just coming out and saying, “By the way, aliens are real and here,” as he leaves the White House.

The idea of it being a colony or base, ours or aliens, isn’t out of the question. In fact, that language was bantered in the article I included below. Specifically, in an artist’s drawing of the planet Proxima B, scientist skepticism was countered with ‘maybe it’s an alien base.’ “Some astronomers have noted the extreme unlikelihood that the nearest civilization would also inhabit the closest planetary system. But Jasom Wright points out that one or more advanced civilizations could have set up a galactic communication network, with Proxima as the closest node to Earth for relaying messages.”

Why would Jasom speculate this in a astronomy journal article? If you read enough articles on UFO’s and signals, you will find quite a few peculiar statements like this that make you wonder if someone knows something. But why would it be unlikely that life also developed in the solar system closest to us? If life is natural, isn’t it going to happen everywhere? Yeah, are folks say it’s incredibly difficult, but even if we accept that premise- it’s not zero. They point out all the interesting peculiarities that happened in our solar system that made Earth an unlikely candidate for life, and all the additional unlikely things that happened on Earth, like the perfect placement of the moon, that maybe even our development wasn’t naturally derived. Maybe aliens put us here. Are we that stuck in our specialness that even if there was an alien signal, we’d talk ourselves out of it?

In the past, and I mean like, prior to 2020, I would have said we are ready for disclosure. Since the run on toilet paper- I suspect we’re not ready. With the political failures and social failures and economic failures of 2020 and the ones that have followed us into 2021, all of which point to an educational failure- I suspect we’re not ready for aliens. I am not advocate for aliens helping us out of a bind to save our sorry butts. Seriously, if we can’t do this- like, reasonably solve terrestrial problems, and as a species come together and colonize our moon and other planets in our own solar system, maybe we’re not worthy of being an interstellar species. I am not saying we aren’t. We haven’t lost the game yet, but sometimes I wonder if we will. I grew up during the cold war scare thinking we were going to blow ourselves up. That seriously influenced my life and the way I think about life.

Regardless of how valid you think the threat of COVID was, whether it was natural or manmade, conspiracy or no, we do know how to interrupt the chain of infection and stop the spread of a virus- and yet even with this knowledge we failed. Now most of us wanted to. Most people are descent people who want to help family and neighbors. I believe the majority of human beings are worth saving and keeping, and that this school room of a planet has been run by bullies for too long. It’s up to us to make the planet better. To make our selves better.

I would like there to be life in the next system. I would like it to be a wake up call for us. I want someone out there in the dark to ring us up with a message, “the Great Filter exists, but you don’t have to go extinct. You just have to decide to do it.” Wouldn’t it be ironic, we do get that signal or something like it, but we were all so caught up in our family feuds that no one heard the message, no one responded, and so the aliens moved on.

There is day coming when we discover we’re not alone. We should already know that we aren’t alone. There is evidence in several species here on earth that denotes awareness. Then again, we frequently fail to recognize the sovereignty of our own family members, much less our own species. This is a hard game we’re in. It’s not rigged. But here we go with one more signal, faint, obscure- maybe not what we think it is or even what we want it to be. But it is an opportunity. Maybe even a gift.

I am a father, a counselor, and have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world. I enjoy writing, exploring consciousness, and listening to others.

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