Aliens Are Here and Kirkpatrick is Running for the Hills

When the America’s top government scientists says, ‘it’s aliens’ and ‘I’m retiring’ in the same breath, has he lost all human enthusiasm, or does he know ‘humanity is screwed, I am going home’ ???

John Ege
7 min readNov 14, 2023


The TIME has an article suggesting it’s ‘probably’ aliens and the government knows. That’s a far cry from zero evidence for aliens. Seriously, it wasn’t even three months ago NASA and the UFO Czar, Doctor Kirkpatrick, was saying ‘no evidence for aliens.’ There’s a Disclosure Clock that just clicked a little bit closer to midnight, defining the moment we enter a new day, and new world- it’s aliens. Seriously, something is up, and it’s coming down to earth, and we are all about to know: we are not alone. Are you ready for this? Was Kirkpatrick ready for this?

It’s not just the Times. Pentagon UFO Chief Resigns After Warning About Aliens, Rival Tech… NDTV World’s article is saying what other news agencies have been leaking into the public discourse, somewhere in the back of the house, a bathroom that rarely gets visitors.

Seriously, this is huge. Why the slow leak?

We all know they know!

Even if we don’t know what they know precisely, you can poll anyone ‘do you think the governments know about aliens’ and most people will probably say, ‘of course they do.’ No one in this day and age will be surprised its aliens. They would absolutely be surprised we’re alone in this universe. That would be newsworthy, and science would go nuts. How can there only be humans?!

Further, no one can actually say there is no one but us, because that is as unproveable as saying there is no God. That’s like saying there any one number is the largest number in infinity. You can’t do it. Infinity plus one is infinite regress you can’t touch.

Of course, it’s not just humans. There are lots of entities that share this planet with us that have given us ample evidence of sentience. Our arrogance glosses over that. Our intelligence assumes our intelligence is the only kind. We can’t even recognize there are benefits of having two genders…



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