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An Argument Against UFOs Being Drones

John Ege
6 min readOct 24, 2021


Imagine you’re a foreign national and you want to spy on your neighbors. If you could choose between a UFO looking drone, or one that looks like a bird- which would you choose? You’d choose a bird, right? Less conspicuous. People can identify a bird, and usually once they see a bird, they don’t give it much more attention. But if you make it look like a saucer, or you give it a funny arrangement of lights, people are going to spend more time looking at it as they try to make sense of it. So, does that make the drones over a Navy ship idea a poor theory?

Bird Drone in Somalia

Compare this clumsy looking bird drone to the pyramids flying over a Navy ship.

So, the Pentagon says the Pyramid UFOs were real. We know there are drones in the air, and some of them clearly look like birds. If you’re human, and you’re spying, you probably want your spy tech to blend in. If you’re an alien, or you have superior technology, you probably could care less if people see you or not.

What do you suppose the range of a drone bird is?

US Military and Special Ops are probably not using bird drones.


What if you could just make your drone invisible? The tech exists. A Popular Mechanics article in 2015, David Hambling, suggested this tech would be coming to a drone near you soon. Mind you, there is a saying the military is 50 years advanced of anything available to the public.

Invisible Planes, for real
Invisible Drones

Now, the illusion of invisibility has been around for a moment. James Bond car was based on real science.

Die Another Day, 2002

All tech in James Bond movies was based on real tech. The following video demonstrates real technology. This video was released in 2019.



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