Catastrophic UFO Disclosure is Imminent

Humanity, it’s time to pull up the big boy britches: it’s aliens.

John Ege
5 min readNov 25, 2023


There is not going to be a ten year disclosure project. Once a certain number of people start discussing the fact ‘it’s aliens’ all of humanity will be discussing this. Post Disclosure World, Ryan, aka UFO Jesus remarks on whistleblower David’ Grusch’s statements on Joe Rogan are valid: no one in the government is disputing Grusch, and it may be, due the number of names Grusch has dropped, they can’t put it to rest. There are aliens. We have the remains of several different species. We have questions!

The alien presence is not a hypothesis. It’s not a social contagion. Too many artifacts, names, witnesses, and people in the know are now available in unprecedented numbers for this to be anything other than what it is. Aliens.

Perhaps this is a psyops. That’s still on the table for many people, but not for people even casually involved in the phenomenon for the last 75 plus years.

What’s on the table.

Very soon, MUFON is going to open a database to members that have a variety of documents going back decades, from articles, to drawings, to photos and videos that will more than satisfy the academic, scientific agencies that want more data. Not just anecdotal evidence, though that will be there to sort, too, but things that were seen and measured, that left physical evidence.

Which makes this bit of news from NDTV world, if accurate, world shattering news that likely trumps all previous data sets. Ex-US Intelligence Office Claims US Has “Variety” Of Alien Bodies, Edited by Amit Chaturv, Updated: November 24, 2023 5:35 pm IST.

Again, maybe this still is in the anecdotal phase, but articles like that blow up any potential soft, ten year disclosure. Seriously, when things like this get published in a world forum there will be people unsettled, but suddenly intensely invested in knowing more. There will be demands for more! Not just a few dedicated folks sending in FOIA requests. Millions of people sending in FOIA requests, and perhaps writing their representatives, and showing up on their front lawns.



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