Physics and metaphysics

Dark Matter, UFOs, and Strange New Worlds

John Ege
6 min readSep 19, 2021

I love science. Honest, I do. You may read this and think I am poking fun at science and scientists, but honest… Okay, maybe a little? I have studied science. I can pass a test, because I have memorized the ‘correct’ answer sets. Passing a test doesn’t make me a scientist, for sure. I do have questions and I like to wonder, even straying into the ‘what ifs’ of life. I stray there, too often, but every episode of PBS’ SpaceTime, and Anton Petrov fill me with wonder and hope and fun. Like this new episode Anton posted, Sept 17th… He looks genuinely excited! I love his passion! Even the video title, “WHOA!”


What I find particularly fun, like amusingly fun, is how many steps scientist have to create to make their claim that they may have found evidence of a dark energy particle. For the last year, scientist have been trying to understand what they are seeing, and necessarily had to create a new model to interpret data. Their model fits their data. They bypass dark matter and jump straight to dark energy. To make this work, they need an inversion layer- inside the sun, the radiative zone and the tachocline, and a hypothetical particle called the Chameleon particle, converging to produce another particle that leaves the sun and hits a sensor from liquid Xenon…

Really super cool sensing equipment, no pun intended. It’s lovely.

Hypothetically, let’s say UFOs are real, and unidentified- why is it the alien theory is so hard to swallow, when as a model- I don’t have to create elaborate scenarios to postulate a theory of unseen weather phenomena and inversion layers? Person sees object, it seems to be responding intelligently to military aircraft- they have ruled out weather, balloons, flares, and adversarial terrestrial technologies… Can we put Aliens on the table?

I know, I know

Metaphysics isn’t science. Astrology is bunk. Science has all but proven that. But then NASA turns around and claim superhighways exist in the solar system, where the alignment of planets changes the spacetime topography to such a degree you might get a rocket from Earth to Mars in the matter of days, not months. Here’s another article on that, here.



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