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Fabricated Metal Found on Mars

John Ege
6 min readFeb 5, 2022

Finding stuff on Mars, via rover, is fun. Artifacts worthy of more scrutiny have been found. Some dismiss them as rocks. Some point out, it’s not just rocks, such as the NASA scientist that sued NASA for covering up evidence of life on Mars. MARSFAM.NET is a website dedicated to helping people see what’s hidden behind the veil. Yes, there is obscuration involved in what we see. NASA keeps saying, ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.’ Probably because they’re the man behind the curtain, and this dog and pony show doesn’t want you to see the dogs and ponies.

That piece above us was discussed in the Atlantic in 2013. Below, you will see some evidence discussed in a 2020 video with the real Jimmy Roberts.

This is evidence, seen by Curiosity, of fabricated metal. As you watch the video, play by play with the real JimmyRoberts, it becomes hard not to see all the evidence for artificial structures. There is evidence on Mars for a past civilization. There is evidence that Mars ended not because of nature, but because of an atomic war.

You read that right. There is evidence, presented by credible scientists, for a radioactive isotope that is only found after the detonation of a nuclear bomb. It does not occur naturally!

There is evidence for a past civilization on Mars. There is evidence that life ended due to war. Mars may not have the reputation of War because of ancient myths, but because the collective consciousness of man remembers how it ended. It ended badly.

Per the scientist pushing this theory, Mars had a war of the world scenario with nuclear weapons. Mars as we see it today is evidence for what nuclear war can do to a planet, and perhaps good reason for us humans to get our heads out of our…



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