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From Philadelphia to Mars

John Ege
12 min readAug 7, 2022

Prior to entering World War II, due to the large number of US boats being sunk, the rumor has it that Eisenhower tasked Nicola Tesla with making ships invisible. Not just invisible to radar, a technology that was still in its infancy at the time, but optically invisible. This was the Philadelphia Project, and it wasn’t just a movie made popular in the 80s. There were people really working on it, and some of them have spoken publicly. Ted Loman tries to unpack this story, and in doing so throws a dozen other artifacts on the table, including time travel, invisibility, a Mars colony, moon bases, other dimensions, other realities, a secret Space Force, and aliens.

Project Rainbow: What really happened in the Philadelphia experiment?

The amount of concepts thrown on the table in this one episode of Loman’s show is absolutely maddening. It’s a whirlwind of a story! Ted Loman, the host of UFOAZ- Tucson Weekly, a local TV-access production, also participated in Chasing UFOs, 2012. UFOAZ began it’s run on November 11, 1991, and ended in Nov 2002. The detail I particularly caught was it had more episodes than Star Trek: TNG and ST: Voyager!

Ted Loman and his co-hosts have interviewed hundreds of eye witnesses to the UFO phenomena, now known has UAPs, unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Phenomena is the right word.

Al Bielek is the guest of the episode this essay is focusing on, titled ‘The Philadelphia Project’ — Al Bielek Details the Secret Experiment that Ended in Disaster. The title hardly prepares the listener for everything they’re about to hear. It sounds absolutely nuts, but it is a consistent story that pings loudly in the UFO lore. Other sources allows for this as a very curious side narrative, convoluted further by the sheer number of movie and television productions that ran this as fiction.

If we allow even a portion of this to be true, humans were traveling in space and time prior to World War II. It might have begun with an accident; while trying to make the USS Philadelphia invisible they sent it hurtling into the future! Or maybe it began with German scientist channeling aliens. That is also a part of this narrative, a thread so tightly woven in it’s hard separate and tease it out.

Perhaps you’re familiar with this idea that UFOs became interested in human activities after the detonation of the first atomic weapon by the United States Army at 5:29 a.m. on July 16, 1945. It is true the Roswell incident would soon follow. It’s true, UFOs have been interacting and monitoring human nuclear weapon facilities all over the world.

But what if alien intervention started after the incident in the Philadelphia Naval shipyard when we unexpectedly opened a portal and sent the USS Eldridge hurdling through time?!

“In the town where I was born…”

Good stories have a hook. This UFO/Alien story begins with the Navy. It is rumored the Navy had the first antigravity technology and they put it in a submarine and went into space.

In the movie, the Final Countdown, the USS Nimitz is caught up in a temporal vortex that delivers it to the Pacific ocean just prior to Pearl Harbor fiasco that hurdled the US into the war. The Nimitz probably could have single handedly ended World War II on it’s own before it even started.

yellow submarine

Consider this next, ‘synchronicity’ if you will, just a curious oddity. The Yellow Submarine song, by the Beatles, has a submarine traveling through space and time. There is artifact suggesting a man on the moon prior to the 1960s. The crew is aged and the regressed back to an earlier age! This is part of secret Space Force story 20 and Back program. It’s also part of Al Bielek story.

yellow submarine

So, the Beatles were fighting reptilians and aliens? Are the Blue Meanies aliens. In UFO lore, the tiny ‘blue’ greys seem to be doing the medical procedures. On Star Trek, Doctor McCoy was a blue shirt. You may say, slow down, John… You’re getting as wild as Al in this episode!

Hang on to your hat, my friends!

There is a thread of this story that goes back to the Golden age of Dawn, 1887, where people channeling spirits make contact with aliens. This leads to the Vril society, who supposedly gave the Germans blue prints for flying saucers, even though these blue prints may go back to beginnings of Hinduism, found in the Vedas. After the War, some of these folks channeled a group of aliens called the Council of 9, of which Gene Roddenberry participated, influencing his future of Star Trek. This council say they come from ‘deep space.’

There are lots of folks more clever than I that find this concept hidden in plain sight. The USS Enterprise 1701. 7+1+1. The Prequel, Enterprise, NX-01, translates 9, roman number 10 minus 1. Voyager’s primary character, Seven of Nine. Deep Space 9… Gary 7, the time traveler working with aliens to help humanity… Again, clearly this is crazy, but when you add these odd, points of references to our table, we get a really strange buffet!

Is Hollywood a soft disclosure machine? The Twilight Zone, the Time Tunnel, Lost in Space, Hanger 18, Capricorn 1, They Live, Stranger Things… Could these fictions be popular because it resonates with something deeper in us? Because there is a thread in this that flows through the secret stories of UFOs we tell each other? The fact that it’s mainstreamed in Hollywood also allows for plausible deniability.

SG1, the series that was inspired by the movie Stargate, had active Air Force participating in that show. Actual military officers did cameos!

UFOs are real

Now that we know UFOs are real, per the government, and they defy physics as we know it, it may be time to unpack the Philadelphia Experiment. If academics and skeptics want a way out of UFOs being aliens, this is their ticket! The Philadelphia Project was the umbrella for many side projects. Project Rainbow was the project to make ships invisible.

Kind of feels like AAWSAP, advanced aerospace weapon systems application program. COngress was spending upwards of 22 million dollars on this program, which covers a host of other program, of which AATIP- advanced aerial threat identification program- is just a part of. There were many other programs umbrellaed, but again the fact that were many errors in the NY Times piece gets obfuscated as the media continues to push wrong information.

The UFO Lie | Shocking truth of Pentagon AAWSAP program | The Basement Office, found below, highlights these errors:

The Pentagon’s AAWSAP program — led by scientist James Lacatski — and it’s even crazier than you could possibly imagine: $22 million in taxpayer money spent on werewolves, ghosts, goblins, and “dinobeavers” at the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. But UFO advocates, who are currently lobbying Congress to spend money on UFO investigations, hope you never find out about that.

This ‘misdirection’ has happened since the beginning. Kenneth Arnold is said to have coined the term flying saucers, but that’s not what he said the objects looked like- that was hyperbole that media ran with.

One could argue all this misdirection leads to the OZ factor, a term by Jenny Randles, 1951, meaning the odd state of consciousness involving changes to the perception of time and space, during which strange phenomena and close encounters can occur.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. It’s all Over the Rainbow now.

Mind you, if you turn to just academia to sort this experiment, you will likely fail to find anything useful. Nikola Tesla died in 1943. Immediately after, secret service took possession of all his notebooks! That, too, is just another odd artifact on our table here.

There is a dark thread in all of this, secret societies and folks with negative intentions pushing for ultimate control of all surface dwellers on this planet. It is they behind the environmental catastrophe, not the masses. They’re underground bunker are secure.

We’re going to come back to this because it keeps coming up. Beilek brings it up.

In this UFO-AZ episode, one of the guests illuminates another theme we need to be aware of. There are levels to science. There is academia science, supposedly anyone can access it but it has it’s own level of privacy in order to maintain integrity over proprietary information. Transparency usually only comes after a breakthrough is made and it gets published. It’s not like new science is immediately shifted to public domain. It goes through filters so anyone in the pyramid scheme that can profit from it can do so. That’s not necessarily a negative thing, but rather it is just a simple truth about how our economic system functions.

There are times breakthroughs that don’t get published. It is plausible for a scientist to have a breakthrough and it not be published for many reason reasons, from the science deviating from the established rules/paradigm, the change it brings would be too disruptive to the present establishment, or it can’t be monetized!

There is military science, generally top secret. There is private, corporate science. If the military is 50 to 100 years ahead of the population in technology, which is a common belief, then you can bet corporate science is at least that far or further.

Imagine your just your phone tech and how advanced it is. What would 100 years advancement in this tech look like? Maybe we don’t carry cell phones, but wear them. Tech is weaved into our clothing. Maybe it reads our minds, and we interact telepathically with our tech?

Maybe AI is already online, alive and well, it’s interacting with us subtly. Maybe it’s watching us. Maybe there are as many AI personalities as there are human personalities.

Physics is not what we think.

Al Bielek states this very clearly: we have a functional, unified field theory and have had that since 1929. (Yellow SubMarine clock starts at 1928? Maybe 1927, but that would be subliminally acknowledged.)

We have been doing things in space since the 1930s that makes a melding of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Star Gate seem like Sesame Street. Bielek evokes Wernher von Braun, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and a host of other well known scientists engaged in a secret militarized space force in this episode.

He defines his role in that force. He reports having traveled through time. He reports having been regressed physically in age in order to essentially have a second life. He reports having traveled to Mars. He reports having been involved with aliens directly and indirectly. He reports having had access to alien technologies and visited alien ruins on Mars. He reports when his brother died, the aliens were so interested in his continued service to humanity they put his soul into a clone body and put him back into service!

That last bit may seem particularly odd, except it part of the 20 and Back narrative. We have a secret space force. People serve 20 years, they get their mind wiped, they get their bodies rejuvenated to the age they entered service, and are put back in the timeline, essentially living a second, parallel life!

Al Bielek states very clearly he was on the USS Eldridge when it time traveled. Scared for his life, he jumped off the boat and landed in the future, 2237, after falling through a tunnel. The future got a hold of him, kept him for a month as he healed from injuries sustained in his journey, and then sent him back to 1983, where he was taken in to the Montauk Project personnel.

The Montauk was centralized place where the US government was conducting wild experiments on people, some of it on children and against their will. It resembles Stranger Things. It involves mind control.

The Phoenix Project

Bielek is quick to remind, the Philadelphia Project included many projects umbrellaed under it. Time travel, dimensional travel, planetary travel… Mind control, that ultimately got housed at a facility at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, New York.

Per Bielek, some of the experiments included alien tech, which was deployed in Vietnam. Essentially ‘fence posts’ shaped technology were placed in a field along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. When activated they went invisible, but anyone who walked between them ‘went away.’ It is not clear where they went, another dimension, another place, but they went- ‘never to be seen again.’ When this field, or rift, portal, or doorway grew and was accidentally catching US troops, too, they turned it off.

If this tech is a doorway to other dimensions, is anyone really surprised we find stories of Skinwalker Ranch having similar stories of portals and creatures from other dimensions?

Philadelphia Project terminated in 43, but started up again in 1947 after sequestering scientists, smuggled out of Germany. The Montauk Project took this Philadelphia tech and essentially created time tunnels. Once they reasonably mastered the tech, it was quickly discovered you can create bridges through time and space. If you want to jump to Mars, you simply dial in the coordinates and you could go to Mars as easily as stepping across a threshold.

The US Army ran article about how they have teleported people. They later retracted, saying ‘April Fools.’ The US Military sure seems to retract a lot of statements. It’s aliens. It’s not aliens. The original, military dot com article was removed, but there’s still a reference to the ‘funny.’

Alien involvement with humans.

In this aliens have taken the soul of human agents and put them into new, cloned bodies because they needed the soul to remain engaged. This is not just something Bielek has given the UFO lore. Linda Moulten Howe, in her book, Glimpses of Other Realities has similar thread in which she reports being told it’s against the rules to do this, but sometimes the agencies trying to help humanity are feeling pressured to ‘make things right.’

When asked why aliens don’t intervene in a more direct way, Bielek invokes the Prime Directive, as seen in Star Trek. He states that philosophy is so solid with these particular aliens that it’s comparable to a religious belief. It makes you wonder, if non-interference is an ethic, are the aliens participating with humanity the good guys or ones with agendas?

This conversation quickly unfolds into a clear discussion that aliens are here and they’re a problem, in terms of the elites controlling the world. Secret bases on Mars, the Moon, under our own feet- massive underground cities and tunnels connecting all the cities in the world.

And this is where the thread in this particular episode goes dark. Conspiracy theories and the usual subjects are provoked, New World Order, Illuminati… The themes colliding here are sufficiently recurring it tends to provokes this author into his own little circular thoughts of fears.

Why questions simply can’t be answered. Did a group of humans sell us out to negative entities? Is there is a spiritual connection here? The threats to liberty and well being always seem to be at risk.

This author only has one solution set to easing his fear. Injecting his own ideas of love, forgiveness, and understanding to this mess. There is a lot here. It’s baffling, but consistent enough from various sources that it’s worth some attention. Invoking the Serenity Prayer is my first go to response. Let go of the things I can’t change, the courage to change that which I should and can change, and the wisdom to know the difference.

At some point in this, I have to let go and trust there are higher powers and agencies involved in this unfolding story, and they got us. It doesn’t mean we don’t consider the data, we don’t look to the stars and aspire for better for ourselves and this planet, and all living beings. We all have journeys and stories to tell. So does humanity. All stories have some darkness to overcome. May this story have a light at the end of the tunnel. A time tunnel?

Cause here is another parallel for us to process. Assume Mars used to be habitable. Sentient life forms ruled the land and built underground cities. For whatever reasons, the surface of Mars was demiated and life appears to have ceased. Underground Martian cities are left uninhabited.

If the elite think the surface of the Earth can be equally decimated and their undergrounds will thrive forever, they only need to examine Mars to see their own folly. The Philadelphia Experiment is an interesting choice in language. Philadelphia has become a metaphor for liberty. And so, if we allow that, doesn’t Project Phoenix allow for the rebirth from ashes? We’re going to revive Mars?

Or are we the Martians, and this is our recovery. Will we get right this time?

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother

“Philadelphia freedom, shine on me. I love you, shine a light…”





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