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How Saving the Environment May Kill Us All

Let’s get this out of the way. I am advocate for green energy, being kind to environments and animals is just right. I think we, humans, need to be better stewards of our planet. We need to be nicer to each other, too. Cutting oil pipelines and raising the prices of gas, in the absence of technology and policies to substitute, will guarantee society will implode, the environment will be decimated, and humanity will likely go extinct. This is the Madmax paradigm, and it’s a dead end run.

If you want to guarantee a world war, keep rising prices of fuel. Food goes up. People can’t go to work. Things are heating up, because it’s summer. People can barely afford to go to work. When people can’t afford to heat their homes, you can bet your ass trees will come down. People will burn everything in sight to keep their families warm. If they don’t burn down their houses and neighbors’ houses down in the process, and if they don’t kill themselves with carbon monoxide poisonings, they will likely start tearing down the neighbors houses to have something to burn.

Hopefully, people won’t result to cannibalisms, but then again, NASA has been considering whether or not the first astronauts that to go to Mars should eat their own dead. God I hope Elon Musk takes over NASA.

I knew a guy who put himself on every mailing list he could find, and during the year he collected paper and magazines, and come winter, he shoved all of that mail into is fireplace to heat his house. He never spent a dime on heating his house. He never had to go out to buy anything, as the postman brought it to him. It was not the cleanest burn, but very clever indeed.

People are clever. In the absence of resources, they will turn to whatever is available. Not even the gated communities will be safe if we don’t get the oil flowing in this country. In all likelihood, that gate will be the prison you can’t get out of while the other inmates eat you alive. OUtside the gate, hungry hunters will be roaming for opportunities.

Did you know, homeless people travel in bands, looking in garbage for goods and food, and they call this hunting? They practically have their own language.

If you haven’t seen the Walking Dead, I encourage you to take a peak of the first couple of seasons. What’s coming will not be a Game of Thrones of episode.

It is right to go green and have more solar power deployed. The more people with solar on their homes, the more society benefits. It’s a not a perfect solution, but it’s the best one on the table. The more you encourage people to accept the cost of solar power, the better it is for all of us.

California is taking away that benefit by charging people energy rates equivalent to not having solar. Why get it at all if you’re going to be punished? Other states are following suit. They’re also de-incentivizing having solar, by not buying back your excess. Why? They will make it law for you to have to buy from the state, even though you’re making your own energy and some, and you can’t break even by selling your extra-energy back to the state or industry? These moves will guarantee more people will not transition until forced or economics demand this.

And, they’re passing laws where you can’t be off the grid. You can’t even say, screw society, I am done, and severe the power line to your house. The best you can do is have an RV or equivalent and be a nomad.

Solar Power is getting better. It’s easy enough to do, and any person with the knowledge, or a good handy man and electrician can put a full system in at a 3rd of what the solar power ‘scammers’ do. Those folks are part of the problem as much as the local and Federal governments are, and likely bought and paid for by the oil guys. That’s speculative on my part, but who has all the money? Petroleum companies, who are in league with the pharmaceuticals. Who owns all the farms? Oh, Bill Gates. Yeah. Who are we beholden to?

If the Federal governments wants everyone going solar, then there shouldn’t be tax breaks- they should just flat pay to put that on a person’s roof. Free Americans and cut them lose to be independent agents, off the grid! Every private home should have solar, even if it holds minimal lighting options. All excess energy should onto a grid.

Every home that has the ability to stand independently off the grid is one less home and family that will need rescuing with the grid goes down. The grid will go down. Who can afford to fix things when fuel prices are sky high?

It would benefit society further instead of thinking of one big giant grid, we localize power to communities. Presently if there is a problem, you lose most of the grid. That happened in the last major Texas winter storm. Supposedly energy was rationed by rolling blackouts, but as person who lived through it will tell you, that was not fairly distributed suffering. Wealthy folks had it bit easier than most.

I was extremely fortunate, as my home is on the same circuit with a hospital and the fire department. That’s something to consider when you buy your next home or rent an apartment. Especially since the burden of rationing is always put on the consumer, not on the state or government to make more energy.

Texas energy was better when it was regulated. Texas consumers had cheaper rates. Texas sold to 5 states, including California which seems to be having problems with energy, which is odd considering how many wealthy people live there. Do rich people just sit around thinking about how to screw the rich people around them? Probably not. That’s a really dangerous ‘they.’ Are their voting habits just because they want to do good and they’re so naïve they vote for people that are screwing them over? It’s so bad now, they’re opting to just move as opposed to vote those bastards out and put people in who well help the state?

Anyway, since deregulation in Texas, we have higher prices, we buy energy from three states, and we have rolling black outs. Go figure.

This game of who’s to blame, markets, governments, what have you- that’s a shell game. In truth, the oil companies need your continued revenue. They don’t want you having solar. The government is in their pockets. The government doesn’t have any power, or you wouldn’t hear the president of the United States saying: “Not my fault. It’s Exons fault.” Or Russia. Or Trump… Or whoever is unfortunate to be on his tongue at the moment. Did Biden actually berate Elon Musk for not doing enough, while accepting accommodations from legacy carriers?

I sure hope Elon Musk, slash Batman, slash Ironman, doesn’t go to the dark side.

Seriously if you’re the president of the US, fucking do something already. Over ride California’s decision to squash people who bought solar power? Tell them they can’t make trucks illegal until they have viable alternative to getting goods moved ports into the rest of the US! Undo whatever it was you did with that pipelines to save some fucking elk in Alaska, because when people down forests to stay warm, their going to eat those elk while they’re at it. Never mind the fact, the elk liked walking along the pipeline during winter, as it was a little bit warmer, which means pipelines did more to help the environment than hurt it!

Definitely don’t shut ours down, and then turn around and give money to Russia to build their pipeline to Europe? That’s just nuts. Especially when you paid their hackers and didn’t call it terrorism, only a few months later to start sanctioning them. What did you expect? They clearly saw you weren’t going to stop a war in Europe. You gave your balls away years ago, and get mad when others don’t want to call you an old woman?

Your whisper and smile is creeper than the joker. Oh, Batman Elon Musk meme might just work.

Don’t limit the supply of solar power because China did a fast one to alter the markets. Take advantage of that reduce prices, get us off oil, and then figure out what you will do next when we’re independent.

The fastest way to make this nation strong and independent of foreign energy needs, is to all the citizens from energy needs. If every citizen had free energy, they’d spin their money on things that improve their lives and the environment.

Kill free energy, keep driving the prices up, and they’ll burn it all down. Oh, and everything that goes on the ground ends up in the ocean, so good bye dolphins and fish while we’re at it.



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John Ege

John Ege


I am a father, a counselor, and have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world. I enjoy writing, exploring consciousness, and listening to others.