How To Contact Non-Human Intelligence

The proposal in this essay may not seem scientific, but the proof will be objectively verifiable.

John Ege
7 min readNov 3, 2023


Let’s start with a premise, philosophical in nature, with the fundamental essence of it being rooted in consciousness theories, whether you regard that in terms of psychology or spirituality. The analogy is when society finally connects all independent humans into an interdependent communication platform, the way scientists connected multiple radio telescopes to increase capacity, then and only then will humans make contact with aliens.

All humans are on the front lines of existence. All touch this elephant of a universe from different perspectives. It will take all of us seeing together to tell the big picture.

No one human speaks for humanity. No one nation speaks for humanity. Humanity must speak on behalf of humanity. We have been divided for too long. The list of identifiers that divide is a mile long and way too thick and we keep inventing new ways to isolate communities and people, which is often a reinvention of the old ways, which almost all of us agree are unreasonable.

Most people, most of the time, are fair, reasonable people. Even within that, many of us can be distracted or out of alignment due to unreasonable influences. The worst-case example of that is when we know family is doing wrong, but we keep quiet because, well, it’s family. Generational abuse can be evidenced as loyalty, Stockholm Syndrome, and trauma bonds, and a number of psychological feats, so mind you, it is not a disparagement when I say some of us struggle with the complexity of our reality.

But this idea of contacting aliens will be simple. It goes well beyond our individual flaws, of which I am aware that I have my own set. It is not the absence of flaws that make us perfect, anymore that absence of fear makes us courageous. Bravery is doing what we must even though we’re afraid. Advancing towards perfection is moving towards a goal even if you know you can’t reach it.

There can be no reaching if there is no goal. There are many goals we can’t reach alone. Together we can change the world.

It starts with an idea.



John Ege

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