Is It Wrong To Exploit Crashed UFOs

This is not a morally ambiguous questions. Civilized society has a code of ethics that answers this. Are we failing a test?

John Ege
10 min readNov 29, 2023


Imagine a commercial airliner crashes. 150 souls on board, no survivors. The human remains go to the family to be buried. To the degree that possessions are recoverable, that goes to family. The airlines get their debris to rebuild the aircraft to determine better ways to improve safety. They investigate the crash to determine what went wrong. In any catastrophe, human looters would be detained and or shot by authority. Aliens would not be recognized under the law as having rights, but to the extent rights to any ‘Other,’ citizen or not, human or not, we demonstrate higher ethical concerns and empathy. Are humans savages?

There are some humans considered so savage that all of society has agreed to a law: no one goes to North Sentinel Island. Quite frankly, you don’t want to visit there. Those indigenous people will kill you on the spot.

Is Earth equally quarantined by a Galactic Federation, and the esteemed counsel has deemed Earth too savage to hold open dialogues with? Just as we would likely do flyovers on NSI, they fly over earth and watch us. It doesn’t matter that we might have medications and tools that would make the NSIs life easier, they’d still kill you and find your advanced ways insufferable. They may or may not use your knives, guns, and medicines. Maybe one of the tribe members would see the benefit from a blade better than stone, giving him more authority over his fellow island inmates.

They are inmates, in a sense. We can’t go to their island. They can’t leave. Is this an analog for all of us?

The possibilities that have yet to be sorted.

One reason for UFO secrecy might be that certain agents who are sent to collect artifacts have a mission, get any tech you can before their other ships come to rescue. If you can capture an alien alive, do so. If not, kill it and bring it in.

Most humans most of the time are good. This is a policy that would not be tolerated and if this was going on, all nations would have an uproar…



John Ege

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