UFOs versus Humans

Most Sightings Aren’t UFOs

The ‘Mysterious Spiral’ is back. To read the headlines, you might think an invasion was imminent. “An EERIE twisting spiral spotted by stargazers in the night sky has sparked fears of an alien invasion.” Reading the comments below the articles, you clearly see humans making jokes, not fearful. The spiral was likely the Falcon 9 first stage falling back to earth, and leaking gases in it’s death spiral. I say likely because there’s good evidence the sighting and events were linked, but you know- I am just reading what was in the article. What do I know? People could also be running amok in the streets, “It’s aliens.”

New Zealand Versus Idaho sighting comparison

More than one article using the word ‘mystery.’

The New Zealand sighting had folks drawing their neighbors out to witness the event. A giant spiral that resembles the CBS logo. Not a far fetch idea, as advertisers have been thinking about using space flags, holograms, and even putting things on the moon that humans could see from Earth. Drink coke! seen from space. I think I would rather see nature, tree versus billboards… But, twirling clouds are cool. Isn’t it interesting the spiral can be found everywhere in nature? Apparently, per the comments found in one of the articles, some called it a portal. So, we know about portals, or the TV show SG1 is just that popular. Then again, even Buck Rodgers had ‘stargates’ in that 70s TV show.

Fortunately, per the same article, “But astronomers were able to offer some reassurance to those who may have been fearing an extra-terrestrial invasion.”

I am glad astronomers were on the scene in New Zealand to comfort the amassing crowds. “Nothing to see here folks. Just go back inside…” Yes, I am going for humor. It would be kind of creepy if men in black showed up posing as astronomers, “it’s just a falcon 9…” Or maybe, no one really seriously was fearing aliens and the author is exaggerating concerns to get read? How often do people look up these days?

The Idaho UFO, though…

On the other hand, the Idaho UFO, that’s a more mysterious series of photos. This is interesting. Why isn’t this one blowing up as opposed to mysterious spirals that really aren’t all that mysterious. Cool to look at, but not even Scooby Doo would be interested in spirals.

Seven days ago, in Idaho this was seen. It’s clearly flares.

Mind you, that’s what flares look like. The Phoenix Lights didn’t look like that. It lasted for about an hour, witnessed in three states- show me a flares that have that are that long lived, come and go without smoke trails, and fly locked in formation.

What I find interesting about the latest Idaho UFO is the ring. Maybe rings are as common as spirals. If you don’t recall the Chicago O’Hare UFO, people saw a disk hovering, and when it departed it “punched” a ‘hole’ in the clouds. A ring.

Which, when you line up another ‘old’ yet famous sighting, like this one seen by Rex Heflin on Aug. 3, 1965, where the witness stated it departed so fast it left a smoke ring- well, now you got a mystery to explore. This image is a still from a Christina Gomez video, found below.

Christina Gomez and Jimmy Church, video link below.

Rings do seem to accompany UFOs. Or portals. Holes ‘punched’ through clouds. That’s at least interesting and common enough to look for an association.

Ruling out UFOs.

The following two videos are interesting examinations of recent UFOs. The first is a combination of the two recent UFO sightings during air shows, one in Miami, and the Queen Jubilee Platinum UFO. Chris Lehto is very clever, more so than I. He managed to get multiple videos from the sighting offering different angles and has a reasonable assessment.

I really need to get some programs to analyze data the way he is!

The first UFO in Miami, I agree with him. That was likely a bird that took off from the water. Watch that and see if you agree. The second one, the queen’s Jubilee… I understand his point, but I am not convinced it was nothing. He showed multiple angles and there was no UFO in any but the one. One camera, the one from the helicopter above, is the only one that captured the artifact. That image is solid enough, so that even if it’s somehow a camera artifact- it’s still something interesting.

He also takes a look at the Apache UAP.

Again, I love his analysis. Chris rocks! Chris Lehto, former F-16 pilot, 18 years experience knows what he’s talking about. I would love to sit and converse with him, so he could put my head on straight. Or just refine some of my arguments. I recommend his video if you’re interested in UFOs. I doubt, seriously, there is pandemonium in the streets, as suggested by the first two articles presented here. Maybe we need more News Media being written by folks like Lehto. It’s no less mysterious, but it’s whole lot better presented.




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John Ege

I am a father, a counselor, and have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world. I enjoy writing, exploring consciousness, and listening to others.