Theory of Everything

My Theory of Everything

John Ege
4 min readSep 29, 2021

I suspect we all have a theory of everything. Though I know science is looking for that all inclusive theory, Thomas Campbell already has one. It’s called My Big TOE. Even after I realized TOE was an acronym, I still had trouble getting Tom’s big toe out of my head. It was seriously annoying, like he kicked my in the head with it. I find Tom’s work parallels the workshops at the Holographic Universe, based on the book Butterflies Are Free to Fly, by Stephen Davis. I knew of him when he was Up with People!

The question probably isn’t do you have a theory of everything, but rather, do you have a conscious theory of everything. There is a distinction here that might be important to sort. We all have unconscious influencers and motivators, and so the more unconsciously driven you are, the more likely you will experience cognitive dissonance in thought, behaviors, and life outcomes. Any real or perceived cognitive dissonance is evidence you are living incongruently compared to an internal philosophy that requires improved sorting.

The Compiling of Real and Esoteric Data

The list of things that influence me is way too exhaustive for me to sort here. ‘Let me explain… No, there is too much. Let me sum up.’ Points if you got that meme without following the link. Memes are data sets that you may be employing without your knowledge. Resonance with a meme suggest a harmonic in play. A quick list of harmonic resonance. The Power of Myth. Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. The Fandango. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Harold and Maude. 2150 AD. Stranger in a Strange Land. Illusions. Harvey. The Mote In God’s Eye. Pleasantville. The Life of Pi. Joe Versus the Volcano. People Will Talk. Amélie. Groundhog Day. The 5th Element. I Am Not Spock, followed by I Am Spock.

Curt Jaimungal is actively seeking his theory of everything. His exploration of TOEs can be found on youtube. I have found myself watching him interviewing others who have TOEs of their own. I don’t think I am looking for a TOE, but rather I am seeking others that are congruent with my own.

The Experimental TOE

This is going to be an experiment. Let this be an invitation to participate with me in…



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