NASA Is Subtly Announcing Aliens

But will there be anyone left who gives a fuck that ‘we’re not alone?’

John Ege
9 min readFeb 26

So, there was this news release the other day, not easily tracked as it comes so far sideways you may wonder if it’s a trick. Supposedly, NASA is saying they have been receiving messages from space. Not noise. Not clutter. Messages. You would think that would be the leading news item around the world. That news is so big, so game changing, you have to wonder, is it not being spread because the moment that story breaks, people are going to stop fighting wars and worrying about what’s in their bank accounts? What other reasons would NASA and mainstream media not be jumping on this story of a life time?

War, what’s it good for, absolutely nothing

Have people so lost interest in science, NASA has to interject mystery and aliens to get an audience?

BREAKING: NASA ISSUES WARNING ABOUT MASSIVE OBJECT TRANSMITTING RADIO MESSAGES TO EARTH!, video below. The alien message: ‘War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.’

“Good God, Ya’ll, say it again. War! What’s it good for…” Oh, sorry. No, actually, not really. These news media feels like a war campaign! But let’s say I am wrong. Give me another message aliens might send to earth. Turning off nuclear missiles sounds like Edwin Starr to me! UFOs taking out a missile in flight. Starr power in flight!

I mean, this certainly isn’t a cue up for a Starland Vocal Band song.

You got to have some humor, because this message is insane. ‘Antiwar” is probably not the message from aliens. If it’s a message at all. Even if it is a message, it isn’t likely for us. The hubris to think intercepted, interstellar messages might be meant for us is just insanity. That would suggest they know we’re here and are shining a laser pointer on our planet. Targeting lasers? ‘The Death Star wil be in range in 2 Minutes 42 seconds…’ War!

Or scientist are getting high.

There are so many questions in this subtle release of information, I hardly know where to start.

Well, let’s start with where the first one came from: China. More specifically, CGTN.

CGTN is a state-run English-language news channel based in…



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