New-old UFO Videos, the Reconsideration Begins

It’s becoming easier to find UFO footage. New ones emerge all the time, as if someone has thrown a stone into a beehive and a scattering of swarms has emerged. Old videos are also being showcased. People are dredging up old cases and rebroadcasting, reminding people what we see today has been with us a moment. One particular video, which I share below, again gets me asking questions about NASA.

Night Café, art collaboration with AI

First, let me direct you to Medium author, Shahjehan Khan. His essay, UFO near MacDill Air Force Base after Hurricane Irma, show cases an interesting UFO, over a military base none the less. How many times are military bases in the UFO lore a site of attraction for alien tourist?

DID A UFO REALLY TAKE DOWN A RUSSIAN PROTON ROCKET?, video by a Sound Mind and Body Merch, two days ago has a montage of UFO sightings from officious channels like NASA. If you can tolerate the creepy narration, and the repetitive tagline of their channel’s name, the narrator does ask some great questions!

My favorite questions is in regards to the STS videos, which I assume anyone can find. They were made public.


This is not just another grainy picture of miscellaneous artifacts. If I have the facts right, this is NASA filming with infrared cameras. Why? Well, if this is Star Trek, it’s five year mission to explore strange new lifeforms and new civilizations… I know, John and his Trek joke, but you will be happy to note, in the next segment, same video, NASA makes a Star Trek joke!

What is most interesting here is that Houston calls the space shuttle up and asks if the astronauts are seeing what they’re seeing. You can listen to the conversation for yourself, but I am rendering the gist of it here, not verbatim. Houston: ‘you see that?’ Shuttle: ‘Uh? Oh, yeah, we just released some ice crystals. Isn’t that pretty?’ Houston: ‘That’s awesome. Really captures the moonlight, all those little diamonds…’

The narrator’s question is a super valid question. Huston didn’t know in advance that the shuttle intended to release ice crystals? You’re in space, how do you release ice crystals? Did you get a cup of Sonic Ice before launch and you tossed it out the airlock just because, why not? Science?! Where’s the Styrofoam cup?

Seriously, the astronaut can’t even take a leak without Houston being all up in their business, so you’re telling me an astronaut on his own whim decided to piss out the airlock and send a stream of urine ice crystals into space? Do you really suppose they did that without permission?

Where is the container with the pee? Was secured in side the airlock? Was an astronaut holding it? If it was pressurized, wouldn't it come out in a stream before it began to sublimate?

FUCK! No way. So every astronaut that has been into orbit since has to be Christened by a golden shower of all the previous astronauts? If you want to know why I suspect this is a lie, hang on to the end…

Stillwater, Oklahoma, April 2017

The same video showcased the Stillwater UFO. I remember seeing it back in 2017, and still, I have forgotten how powerful it was as an example of how far ‘experts’ will go to dismiss what’s right in front of their faces. This is why we need everyone discussing UFOs, reminding people of the things they said and didn’t say. Some things didn’t go viral. We need to share those things, too. This is the job of enthusiasts, because, as evidence by this 2017 Oklahoma video, media was squashing stories. They are still not doing their due diligence to cover the old stuff that clearly needs to be re-examined.

This is why I write about UFOs. This is why everyone should be writing about and discussing and making videos of UFOs!

The US Government is not going to disclose voluntarily. We have to force their hand, or fuck them and do our own thing.

Mind you, this incident was before the NY Times landmark UFO story that proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the government knows about UFOs. They’re real. The US Government is studying them! More on that, the US Government confirmed everything in the NY Times article!

UFOs are real.

2017, Robert Bigelow will say UFOs are real and driven by aliens, 60 Minutes. Commander David Fravor, Top Gun, and at the time of his sighting being the the most highly regarded pilot in the Navy, said on national news- “It’s aliens!” And, again, the NY Times, not verbatim, more indirectly said, “Come on already, it’s not the Russians and it’s not China.” Translation, “IT’S FUCKING ALIENS ALREADY!’


You can watch the footage in the video I am directing you to, or the original article found below. Seriously, you need to see this video footage, and rebroadcast it! Share it family and friends. Any scientist that saw this and immediately said rubbish, their observational skills are rubbish! One can clearly see what appears to be flames, or jets for attitude control being fired. Also, noted by the narrator, you can observe the craft disappear and reappear.

What the narrator didn’t observe, which can be clearly observed if you know what you’re looking for, is a distortion field around the objects. When it comes to UFOs and antigravitics, there is consistent distortion field around the objects, as if it’s nested inside a warp bubble. Further, I have heard it speculated, the faster the object is moving, the more pronounced the field is! So, scientist, you have something to measure!

UFOs are not rubbish. It seems like everyone and their dog knows UFOs are real, but scientist… Did astronauts really dump pee, or did they forget to bring the urine bottle inside when they disconnected from the space station.

Do you know another reason why the urine explanation is a load of shit? Water is heavy and expensive to transport up into orbit. The space station recycles urine into drinkable water. Don’t believe me? Here’s NASA!

Water is heavy and hard to transport into orbit, which is why the International Space Station is a champion when it comes to recycling. Even astronaut urine is captured and processed to make it drinkable. The system that does this work is about to get an important upgrade.

Just saying. They’re blinding us with science! The future might be too bright. You might need a pair of these…

Put on these sunglasses!




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