Okay, It’s Aliens. Now What?

We’re moving beyond whether or not it is aliens. The biggest question is, where do we go from here?

John Ege
10 min readDec 2, 2023


Ryan, aka UFO Jesus, and Jay Christopher King had a lovely, hour plus conversation on the Post Disclosure World, asking the right question. What now? It was observed that most UFO shows and media make the argument for or against. Some ask what might be the phenomenon that we’ve overlooked from present to past. Now it’s time to move forwards, perhaps not with the Stages of Grief, but certainly with acceptance. Non-human entities are here. Now what?

There is still some speculative discourse to be had. Some of this has played out in science fiction and fantasy of the past. I can think of two particularly fun episodes of the Twilight Zone. How to Serve Man, 1962, based on a 1950 short story by Damon Knight, had an interesting twist. Humans, it turns out, are on the menu. The other, 1986, A Small Talent for War, chastised humanity for merely playing games and not being more deadly serious about war. Both episodes had bad outcomes. The Day the Earth Stood Still, 1951, probably stands out as the first, true testimony of how we should be regarding our fellow Universarians.

Universarians is not a word, but if thinking national is too constricting, then any regionalism restricts humans to outdated, nationalistic thinking. Even planeteristic thinking will not aim high enough. Global thinking is still too small for a people who occupy multiple planets, and will soon touch the stars.

We have light years to go before we truly understand what it means to be inclusive.

Step up, or step out.

As a person who has accepted the reality of non-human entities from the beginning of this life, you will unpack that statement with evidence of past fear and reservation to speak to that truth. A friend who has followed my writing here pointed out a shift, where I went from ambiguously arguing for aliens to, why are we wasting our time. It’s time to move to the next stage in this stage of change model of acceptance of Others.

Talking about the speculative, fantastical, downright magical changes in technology has been bantered by many…



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