Preserving Poverty

Or Ways to End Poverty

John Ege
8 min readDec 31, 2021

What is your ideal future world? Poverty is clearly a tool of all present economic regimes to regulate and control populations, keeping us divided at odds with each other. There is a way to end poverty. It has nothing to do with redistribution of wealth. The elite can keep their money, and we can start building a world where future generations of people don’t need hand outs from the government or even jobs. And let’s face it, there will be no jobs in the near future. Artificial intelligence has guaranteed that. All human can be made redundant, as computers will soon do things better and faster. The world’s economic structure has not changed in 2,000 years. Everything else in the modern world has evolved along with our understanding of the world and science. Change is inevitable, and we can either go the way of Mad Max, which is a dead end scenario, or the way of Star Trek. I prefer Star Trek.

Future Cities to watch for

Here’s what we need to do.

Electricity first:

Let’s start by investing in solar power for all low income neighborhoods. Not the home owners or the property owners. The government should make this happen, no cost to the occupants or the property owners, and all occupants should have zero utility bills! Yes, I said it: free electricity for people in low income places. We free them first, allowing them more utility to any and all disposable incomes, and we work our way up to liberating all people from utilities bills.

Modern society can not function without electricity. That’s a simple fact. Energy should be as free as the sunlight and air we breathe. This is a natural law, and we should respect it. Had we gone with Tesla free energy plan, versus Bell’s plan to profit off use, we’d already have efficient electric cars by now. Free society from worrying about electricity or its costs benefits society as a whole, and allows for everyone to have equal access.

Texas utilities were better before deregulation. Someone benefited from deregulation, but it was not the consumers. Not one state that went from regulated to deregulated benefitted. There is all this push from governments wanting to reduce our carbon foot prints, and they want us to have electric cars… Well, give us free electricity.



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