Space Structures

Radio Filaments Radiating Away from the Galaxy

John Ege
3 min readFeb 3, 2022

I don’t know why this interests me. My friend Anton, hello, wonderful person, just did a video on it. I briefly mentioned it the other day in an essay. These structures may be as wide as a half a light year? They’re mystery. As they science contemplates it, so do I. Do you remember in 2020 science said the solar system is inside a electromagnetic tunnel? Maybe it’s not the same thing as a radio filament, but what if those structure are the very thing we find ourselves in? What if we can’t see the forest for the trees! What if the poets were right, we all connected- because everything is connected- as evidence by filaments spreading their rays out into the Universe at large.

mysterious filaments

Most the time, I think we forget the Universe is not static. Yeah, there are some structure in space that have last a moment, compared to human life time scales. The eye of Jupiter, it’s been there a moment. The sun may have 5 billion more years of shine to give.

What if the nebulas and galaxy were as dynamic as storm clouds? You can fly a plane through a cloud. I have heard it said you can toss an objects as big as our solar system through a galaxy and not hit a single star. In all of this turning of atoms and the churning of spacetime, why wouldn’t we expect cosmic sized lightening to arc between structures?


But my brain, I go straight to alien structures. It’s probably not, but I think to the movie Contact and the Alien told Jody, the system was here before us, we discovered it, and we’re sharing it with you the way it was shared with us.

The more we learn, the more we see ourselves in the mirror?

The holographic universe

I like this theory. If you flex a material, don’t you see the patterns that push the image? Are filaments this? Are tree roots and limbs filaments? Are blood vessels and nervous tissues filaments?



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