The Consistencies of UFO Reports

From Roswell to present…

John Ege
5 min readOct 20, 2022


There is a consistency over time of general UFO reports. There is an inconsistency of explanations. Explanations have ranged from absurd weather balloon stories, to Venus, weather, Starlink, and most recently drones. The explanations for UFOs are evolving, trying to force a persistent phenomena into a box of human understanding. The phenomena persists, defying human ability to understand.

History of UFOs, History Channel

Maybe it’s reasonable to curb speculative ideas about what the phenomena is without greater evidence. Wouldn’t that also mean that one shouldn’t rule out a phenomena without greater evidence? That’s not what humans do. We’re all over the map in terms of trying to understand this phenomena.

There are some people who hold more validity than others. Ryan Graves, Navy pilot encountering the phenomena, for example.

If the mysterious objects were drones, Graves speculated, “either [they] have some source of energy that allows them to stay airborne for very long periods of time or there is some massive operation involving hundreds, if not thousands, of [drones] and boats and they are constantly launching and landing and somehow we haven’t seen that.”

We have to remember these pilots are witnessing these objects hundreds of miles off shore, and at altitudes commercial drones don’t hold, doing maneuvers and speeds beyond operational capacity of the jets employed by the US Navy.

It’s not just military pilots.

EXCLUSIVE: Dramatic videos of UFOs over the Pacific are revealed, as expert pilots describe seeing bright lights moving in ‘race track’ circles over the summer — but say their employers told them to keep quiet

This phenomena remains persistent, unwaveringly defiant, and the evolution of explanations over time is inconsistent with the data. The US Government, including FBI, CIA, NASA, FAA, and military, and even commercial airlines and corporations with defense contracts are telling people to keep quiet, likely with threats ranging from financial ruin, social ridicule, mental health, and even threats on their lives.

So either humans have had drones and weather balloons since the Roman days, or this phenomena…



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