The Dumbest UFO Explanation: Cockpit Reflections

John Ege
18 min readNov 5, 2022

There is a little blurb on UFOs and optical illusions going around FB that made me laugh, it was so absurd. Cockpit reflections explain UFOs. I was like for real? I re-read the recent NYTs piece looking for that phraseology, but didn’t find it. The closest I found was from 2019 piece, where scientists and aviation medical and psychologist blew it off as optical illusions due to fatigue. It was a pretty lame excuse, but it makes me want to scrutinize the NYTs piece further, because it was not useful in spectacular ways.

David Fravor’s TicTac was not an optical illusion. Optical illusions of light playing against the pilot’s canopy is outrageous. That explanation fails to explain radar contact from the jet, from the ship, from NORAD… Yes, NORAD. NORAD tracked the objects in orbit descending to 80,000 feet where the Nimitz Carrier group made contact. Optical illusion fails to account for multiple sensor arrays catching these things, in addition to four sets of eyes, at two different altitude.

Maybe you will give me David Fravor’s experience and say the rest were that. I would say anyone who suggests that as an explanation is seriously dumbing down our aviators.

No one doubts that the pilots are seeing something, but psychologists and specialists in aviation medicine say there are plenty of reasonable explanations for such sightings other than extraterrestrial beings. Earthly sources of light reflected by clouds or haze, for example, or optical illusions wrought by fatigue after staring through a cockpit window for hours on end.

Ain’t that some shit?!

New York Times, Julian Barnes, Vrs Armchair Quarterback, John.

Go Chiefs!

WASHINGTON — Government officials believe that surveillance operations by foreign powers and weather balloons or other airborne clutter explain most recent incidents of unidentified aerial phenomena — government-speak for U.F.O.s — as well as many episodes in past years.

What officials? Can you name them? Also, I would like you, the reader, to note this ‘surveillance by foreign powers.’ (Opening paragraph, count 1. Ringing a bell.) Back to UFOs, ‘many over the past 2…



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