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The Front Line of Contact with Non-Human Intelligence

NASA has geared up to look for evidence of UFOs. Avi Loeb again emphasizes military and now commercial pilots are credible witnesses and the stigma is falling… People in general are more open to ‘it’s something.’ Unless you report having direct encounters with non-human entities, then all bets are off. Per George Knapp, in a video below, MUFON is gearing up to address the ‘nuts and bolts’ cases only, noted in the video below. Contact is so varied, and so not human, it frequently looks paranormal. Maybe it’s not paranormal in the way most use that word, but that denotes a problem with human’s classification system, a problem created by science ignoring artifacts, not problems with the humans reporting.

Night Café, AI/Human art

As mental health professional, I am all too aware that there is a plethora of needs not getting met by a large number of people. The shortage of counselors, experts including physicians, is palpable. If you care for a person who is severely intellectually disabled, they will be denied psychotropic medication an MD- PCP, because it’s beyond their skill level. They will be denied services by psychiatrists because it’s IDD not mental health. Even the few places that might serve IDD patients, there is often not a doctor, and few resources or personnel to affect positive change in the lives of these folks, often with only one devoted, family caregiver.

That is clearly so in Texas, a state that consistently rings in 50th place in terms of serving mental health needs. Texas has not adapted to the new reality- since Covid, mental health needs is up. The philosophy, ‘pull yourself up by your own bootstraps,’ or seek charity through religious affiliation and family, is not useful when we’re not born with boots, church membership has declined, and the family unit has been decimated.

Why share that in a UFO article? It’s necessary to understand the that a lack of service is not just due to apathy. It’s complex. But perhaps as we move towards the possibility of “it’s aliens,” we need to stop telling people we have bigger problems than a few people saying it’s aliens. It’s not a few people.

If it’s aliens, it won’t be the leaders in ivory towers shaking hands with aliens. It will be the general population that are having encounters.

There are people on the front line of paranormal and non-human encounters that have psychological and social needs not getting met because society continues to ignore them. There are a sufficient number of things happening to contactees, and those around them, you would think scientist would be happy to bring them in for study, but at last- the last best hope for legitimacy was John E Mack, Harvard psychiatrist, championing these folks insisting that this was not a mental health problem.

Mack, unfortunately, was killed in an accident. Some folks do not believe it was an accident.

Maybe we’re not in a traditional war, an aggressive alien species blowing up cities like the movie Independence Day, but sometimes what is happening seems like a war. Those with religious backgrounds would call it a spiritual war. They’re not wrong, and yet they’re also not right. The tools of exorcism work sometimes. But how many people believe in even that anymore?

Still, poltergeist activities persist, despite our modern age. People seeing angels and demons persist. People seeing a variety of creatures persist. Are these the disguises of beings who have tech overlays that confuse human perception? Could these visions be telepathic overlays? Should we dismiss big foot and UFO association because the two memes don’t seem to fit? Does that reveal another human bias? Knuckle draggers, Texas A&M graduates, and Cro-Magnon men can’t be sophisticated just because, well, there not human- which means, genetically inferior.

Do you need hands if you’re telepathic and your AI comes in android form? Dolphins could fly UFOs if they’re controlled telepathically.

Humans are technologically savvy, but they seem to lack the moral discipline when it comes to restraint from war and wrecking havoc in environments. We also like meddling in the affairs of others, causing havoc there, too.

When it comes to encounters, sometimes people are overwhelmed by a feeling of dread. They have suspicions of maliciousness and even evil coming from other. Is it us projecting or are aliens letting us know who they are? Or, could that apparent fierceness be the camouflage that belies an innocent creature who just doesn’t want to be bothered by human projections? I, personally, have behaved like an ass to be left alone. It works.

When it comes to encounters, sometimes contactees are reassured with thoughts of love and no harm, but still the feel dread. The cognitive disconnect of a body feeling fear, yet a brain receiving an opposing message is confusing.

After encounters, contactees are frequently left bewildered, questioning their sanity and reality. And still, if interviewed by a psychiatrist- as long as they don’t speak their truth, they often are not found holding a mental health problem. The moment they say they see spirits or aliens, you can bet they will get medication. You can also bet, if these experiences are real- meds won’t make it go away. Further, if you dope someone up, destroy their confidence, and tell them to ignore their perceptions- and this is real- that could lead to harm or death.

I wonder if it would befuddle the aliens. They likely know humans will chew off their own limbs to get out of a trap, but would they sacrifice their own just to deny they share the world with others?

Just like you are advised not to drive heavy equipment or a car while on some medication, do you really want to be on the front lines interfacing with aliens with subdued faculties?

Humans are like fish in barrel. In the absence of social cohesion, in the absence of a greater sense of human cooperation, we are essentially solitary, wild, vulnerable creatures on an open playing field. When the opponent holds the high ground and tech that can essentially see through walls and maybe allow passage through walls, and they can read your mind, there is no defense.

It is useful to note in this instance, opponent doesn’t denote enemy. A friend playing chess with you is not an enemy. You’re either playing a friend because you wish to improve, they wish to improve, or there is just love for the game.

You can still be emotionally irritated by a friend opponent.

For the longest time, I thought working at airports and hospitals at night would be safe. Philosophically, it seemed reasonable that making it socially impossible to be abducted or have experiences without witnesses would decrease the likelihood of having an experience. One of the guests on Coast to Coast echoed that sentiment. You can find that video below.

She went to work in a high security environment and was still followed. Bottom line, if they want you, they will take you. There aint nothing blocking that.

Sometimes they will summon you, and you will just obligingly go to where they’re waiting without a clue in the world. The experts say you can’t be made to do things against your will with hypnosis, but I don’t think that’s 100 percent true. Perhaps again, we’re arguing degrees. If one part of me agrees, like the deepest soul level or subconscious mind has agreed to the alien shenanigans, then will the rest of me, body and conscious mind, go even while protesting?

Go I did. Every time. We all go when summoned. Prayer and crosses don’t work, but I am moved to humor recalling Fright Night, “You have to have faith for that to work.” Jerry Dandridge was the best vampire ever.

Alien Agenda Scenarios with a Former Project “STAR GATE” Remote Viewer, resonated with me. It feels compatible with the other artifacts I have shared in the recommended section. The most particularly interesting statement was aliens are afraid of humans because we are hyper-psychic. If aliens are telepathic and we are their offspring, why wouldn’t we be? But also, when training children who are naturally telepathically inclined, wouldn’t you want a system in place to suppress or limit their capacity to accidentally do harm?

Welcome to Earth!

Science does not understand consciousness and does not seem inclined to inch further in this domain. I would argue since perception goes through human filters of consciousness, it doesn’t matter how sensitive we make our tools of measure- if the operator is blind, the visual tool is useless.

Humans project. That’s a known thing, even without telepathic overlays. In counseling, a bias is often referred to as transference. A person who cheats will often accuse partner of cheating.

We think we are doing well if we can hold harmful thoughts without them erupting into behaviors, but in a telepathic arena, all thoughts, conscious and subconscious can affect others.

How conscious are you? Are you aware of your deeper thoughts and motifs? When you dream, are you in control? Do you treat dream characters the way you do people in real life, or do you make them your tools? Do you unconsciously harm people in dreams.

That’s an odd measure I bet you haven’t sorted before. What’s in your dreams is in your heart.

What if a majority of interactions with non-human intelligence is conscious engagement of others? What if they’re responding to us, our thought reaching out into the universe, and they’re reaching back, and we’re responding to each other- consciously before physically?

Could you denounce all murderous thoughts, essentially become a monk? Could you suspend all expectations of others, to the degree that you give them complete freedom of agency? Could you encounter someone without one thought of hate, judgement, lust, or any other projection from your heart?

Could you live a life without jealousy or regret, simply satisfied and grateful for any and all kindness. Could you accept an act of accidental or intentional harm without retaliation or thoughts of grievance?

I am not so refined. I fail daily. But this is the measure I have defined for my life. Can I stand vulnerable, literally and metaphorically naked in front of a telepathic being and be accountable for all of my thoughts, good and bad?

I suspect the archetypes as defined by Jung, the spiritual warfare as defined by religious agency of old- can be redefined as the psychology of consciousness engaging itself and others. In this sense, we’re all on the front lines, and every person you meet is the alien to which your psyche is responding to. How will you greet other? Disdain? Love? Hope.

I am working on love, so that can be the currency of heart that guides my interaction.



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