The Most Baffling UFO Story

Humans are Reptilians Hybrids

John Ege
16 min readJun 25, 2022


For at least 70 plus years, there’s been a mystery. It’s convoluted. It’s quarrelsome. There are experts and professionals on both sides of the fence on UFOs. The Tacoma News Tribune suggests the mania is still going strong. Mania is a strong word. In mental health, it likely means a Bipolar episode. “Mania is a condition in which you have a period of abnormally elevated, extreme changes in your mood or emotions, energy level or activity level.” I suspect, 75 years of mania is not a condition, it’s not bipolar, that’s just the norm. Which means what? Shaun Goodwin, author of UFO mania isn’t paying attention?

Are aliens hidden in ancient religious artwork? Bizarre theory claims that signs of early visits from ET can be found in old paintings

75 years ago the first UFO report came from WA. In 2022, UFO mania is still going strong, by Goodwin for the News Tribune, found below, leads in with “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a flying saucer! At least, that’s what pilot Kenneth Arnold thought he saw over Washington’s Mount Rainier 75 years ago on Friday.”

Shaun’s first mistake is making a joke. Jokes are for kids, like me. Superman intro? Really? I suppose there is a mythos there worth exploring. Aliens that look like humans come to earth…

Also, Shaun perpetuated a myth. Kenneth Arnold didn’t call them flying saucers. He didn’t describe saucers, but crescents- more like batman symbols than superman, but still the DC universe I guess. He stated their movement was as if you you were bouncing a saucer off the water, like skimming stones. The thing is, Shaun’s knows this. Midway in his article he explains this. It is precisely this back and forth play that results in ‘mania’ like symptoms, most evident in the reporting on this subject, not in the masses.

Maybe had Arnold had said stones instead of saucers the Rolling Stones would be the Flying Stones. Maybe it was the media at the time that amplified flying saucers. There is an argument to be had that flying saucers took so well because flying saucers are clearly a theme in human history, as evidenced by saucer shaped artifacts in medieval art.

UFOs have been discovered in these Historical Paintings

Making an argument that the world was primed for accepting flying saucers is not hard to make. The fact that’s not a solid, academic theory is baffling. It’s not mania if you have been conditioned over hundreds of years. At worse, it’s Stockholm syndrome. At best, it’s soft disclosure to keep folks from panicking. Somewhere in between, it’s a friendly neighbor saying, “hey, folks. You got to grow up and take better care of your self, your neighbors, and your planet. You’re not alone.”

If you take the thumbnail photos into juxtaposition to Arthur C Clarke’s book, Childhood’s End, where aliens look like the classic devil, and change devil to aliens, then you have to wonder if Clarke had an inside track to the truth buried in the Vatican. Not demons or angels, but just aliens that have been trying to educate us. That changes the Bible story just a little- but it also informs you how long we’ve been ‘manic.’

Calling out UFO debunkers and skeptics.

Doctor Travis Taylor all but called out the Navy for telling Congress the pyramids flying over the Navy’s ships were drones. That wasn’t his conclusion, or his team’s conclusion. They wrote the paper that went to Congress. He can be found below, saying his piece, thanks to George Knapp. It really doesn’t take much effort to find evidence that the US Government and military know more about UFOs and aliens than they’ve been saying over the last 75 years. Even now, when Congress has called them out to be more directly truthful, there is still tap dancing going on.

I have discussed the medieval art before in a previous essays. It’s interesting stuff. Lots of people have been discussing it. This story was in my head prior to me getting my hands on the book, “Chariots’ of the Gods,” by Erich von Däniken. That book was published in 68. I was born in 68. So it had been circulating a while before I got my young hands on it. In my family, fairly influenced by dogma on both the maternal and paternal side, but with different flavors, it felt like something that needed to be hidden. It was as scandalous as naked table legs in the Victorian era.

Now, UFOs are almost table conversations.

75 years ago the first UFO report came from WA. In 2022, UFO mania is still going strong

The photo East Oregonian reporter Bill Bequette, in 1977 holding a copy of his 1947 article. “Bosie Flyer Maintains He Saw ‘Em.” Lovely! Flyers, not pilots. We do love to change the names of things. I love pictures like this. If you skim the other articles, you’d almost think nothing’s changed! Don’t eat the salmon! Why? Mercury? Environmentalism?

I am certainly not saying don’t read Shaun’s article. Definitely read it. Mostly it’s just restating some known facts. UFOs have been around for a moment. This was the first time we called them flying saucers. The article ends catching us up on current event, congressional hearing and military sightings.

He goes no further than any other news article on the subject. No correlation of data. No hard questions. Just iterations on a theme.

Here’s what we need.

Chris Lehto, in the video found below, lines up the most interesting artifacts worth noting since US Navy Pilot, Top Gun- David Fravor said UFOs are aliens on national, prime time television, which was followed by the Pentagon and Navy saying UFOs are real. Mind you, the Pentagon and Navy didn’t say it’s not aliens. They didn’t call David Fravor a tinfoil hat wearing kook. They simply agreed, they’re real and we don’t know what they are.

Excerpts from Is UAP Dissemination actually coming?! EX CIA officer says yes- DNI and NASA Directors on board? Notice the thumbnail pic for the video. “We’re alien hybrids?! Ex CIA-Officer says YES.” Do people notice these subliminal messages when they’re directly in your face?

The Vatican got the Bible from the Devil… I mean, an alien reptile?

Artifact 1: John Ramirez GS-15 CIA Officer Retired

“I am surprised I have been allowed to say what I have… I am trying my hardest to be redacted and haven’t succeeded.” There is a reality to hybridization. So this year, the Pentagon released information about injuries associated with UFOs and a pregnancy.

Pentagon Document: Several Witnesses Had Sexual Encounters With UFOs Which Left One Pregnant, article below. Should this be the hottest topic in all media? America is blowing up over judges decision to end RvW, while UFOs are impregnating women quietly goes unaddressed. Interesting.

Put alien pregnancies next to Ramirez saying we are alien hybrids… What do you get? Serious news making content. Where’s the news?

John Ramirez essentially asks, ‘are we reptilians hybrids?’ I refer you back to the original thumbnail for this essay, and Arthur C Clarke’s book, The End of Childhood. The sheer number of accumulated artifacts in correlation and juxtaposition to an incredible amount of data just begs the question- seriously, how is this not blowing up academia and the news?!

‘Lue Elizondo can’t say we’re all reptilian hybrids because of a schedule,’ says Ramirez, not verbatim. Go watch him say it. Watch his body language. How genuine is that?! Then again, he worked for the CIA. Can they lie and fool a lie detector? Seriously, AGAIN, how does this not blow up the internet! Ramirez continues:

It’s not a disclosure. It’s a dissemination. Certain things have to be set up before other things can be revealed. I think the kicker will be the James Webb Space Telescope…

Did you ever hear we have a ‘reptilian brain?’ Reptilian, monkey, human. Tri brain. The Trinity? “The phrase “reptilian brain” derives from the fact that a reptile’s brain is dominated by the brainstem and cerebellum, which control instinctual thinking and behavior for survival.”

How long have we known this truth? We are primed to see flying saucers? The devil in the Garden of Eden… The Vatican knows, and the gave Clarke permission to write about how our childhood ends!

Artifact II: Bill Nelson

“We’re looking for life right now.” We’ve always been looking for life. Hearing NASA chief Bill Nelson say that probably shouldn’t be eye raising. Those in the UFO-know, they kind of smirk and make jokes that’s all a show. Given the John Ramirez statement, it makes you wonder if maybe we UFO enthusiast should come at this with some compassion. Maybe there is a legitimate process for how this works. A process that has been done before and elsewhere and…

Contact, Carl Sagan quote:

Ellie Arroway: But other people need to see what I’ve seen, they need to see… Alien: This is the way it’s been done for billions of years. Small moves, Ellie. Small moves.

And so, when you realize Carl Sagan, who worked for NASA, and wrote the first ancient alien theory, surmising the Sumerians were the first contact people, a great theory, followed by Erich von Däniken’s book as evidence, you have science saying- it’s aliens and they’ve been here a moment.

Add to this section that Bill has opened up NASA to look into UFOs for real. Some scientist are mad at that. Even my Wonderful Person Anton is baffled by this! He essentially asks, ‘what the heck is this, NASA? WHY?!’

Why? Well, maybe because UFOs are real? This slow roll isn’t for the believers, but for those not paying attention to current events and how to subconsciously acclimate a species to the presence of others. It takes generations!

Bill Nelson, astronaut, senator, head of NASA: “Do I think there’s life out there? YES.” Sure, the caveat is “I can’t limit the Universe to the just here.” But if you read between the lines; Yes, aliens, here. Message received, 5 by 5, loud and clear, Bill!

Artifact III: Avril Haynes

Whatever Bill learns, he hands over to Admiral Haynes before releasing it to the public. The James Webb Space Telescope is going to find aliens, and before they release that to us, a secret committee determines if we’re on schedule to know “it’s aliens.”

Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence… She’s a lawyer and a physicist, because those two go together like peanut butter and chocolate! I can hear her now, responding to Captain Kirk, “I can’na change the laws of physics, Captain…” Oh, come on. You knew a Star Trek joke was coming, right? If Shaun can make superman jokes, I am making Star Trek jokes.

When asked about the 144 UFOs, or UAPs, and the classification bin for ‘other,’ Haynes responded, “I think the bottom line is we don’t understand everything that we’re seeing, and that’s probably not surprising to anybody…”

OMG. I would like to argue with her a little here. Not much. I love Haynes and I am glad she is holding the office she is. And, perhaps, as noted above, if there is a protocol and process in place to disseminate information about aliens and our origins, then maybe it is okay to not come at people too harsh. Then again, she didn’t get to her position being a snowflake. So, I should be as hard on her as I am on Neil deGrasse Tyson?

There’s a joke there, too, in my unfortunate wording, but just because I am a sapiosexual doesn’t mean my love for a lawyer/physicist is kink.

I find it difficult to corelate “We don’t understand everything we’re seeing” in juxtaposition to Luis Elizondo very clearly stating, “We have seen craft with beings in them.” How hard is that to understand? John Ramirez, “it’s aliens and we’re reptilians hybrids.’ How hard is that to understand? Clearly, there is certainly room enough for kink. Even a lawyer and physicist should understand that language. I’d like to hear her respond to questions on these two statements.

“Well, first we have define what ‘is’ is…”

Bill Clinton: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the — if he — if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not — that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement. … Now, if someone had asked me on that day, are you having any kind of sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky, that is, asked me a question in the present tense, I would have said no. And it would have been completely true.”

But if I asked him on any other day the answer would have been yes and also completely true? I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today. That translates into please just give me free food for which I will never compensate you. And so, is the UFO story so baffling that we have to banter words around and argue over semantics?

David Fravor says “It’s aliens.” Pentagon didn’t deny that. They said UFOs are real. Haynes says, ‘we don’t understand everything we’re seeing.’ Which is so lawyerly legalese and not a lie. Yes, she sees UFOs doing things that defy physics, and as a physicist, if she says that doesn’t make sense, saying she doesn’t understand is a true a statement.

Can we pin a lawyer-physicist down? (Can I find language that isn’t double entendre?) “Is it human, yes or no?” It depends on what ‘yes or no,’ means. Is it simply a binary decision making process, a euphemism allowing me to respond with a statement that doesn’t necessarily put me on one side of the fence, or… Doesn’t word play just turn you on?

Spock was never this difficult. “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.” Can we respond with that, please?

She states we are not able to classify everything we see. It’s problematic because we don’t have consistent ways of reporting. She did not say that government, academia, NASA, and scientist have simply refused to look at the data, but that we need more data and ways of analyzing it. Specifically she stated, “We need to integrate, frankly a lot of data that we get…” Which means, they already have data, making the other statement a little confusing…

Seriously, there is a lot of data to sort. They’re only looking at data sets from 2004 forwards. Never mind the medieval art of UFOs and the Vatican getting the Bible from the devil… Alien! I keep forgetting, it’s aliens.

Ask her straight up: ‘In 2004, David Fravor engaged a UFO. He say’s it’s aliens. Comments Honorable Haynes?’ (How do we address her formally?)

Artifact IV: Jeff Bezos

One of the things about this video I am examining with you is Chris Lehto, the host, recognizes he has a bias here. That increases his favor with me! I need to examine my own bias with Bezos. I am not a Bezos fan. I don’t know enough about him to have such an ‘informed?’ opinion! Media and my own ignorance has likely biased me.

I am 100 percent in favor of Bezos speaking points here. Earth can hold a population of 10 billion, if we change our ways! That includes getting into space and doing industry in space. The solar system could hold 10 trillion humans. If we change our ways. John E Mack in his book on UFOs, we need to address our ways! Saying that got him hung, figuratively.

I am 100 percent in favor of Bezos saying, in order to save the Earth- we need to be a space fairing civilization. That’s just bottom line truth. Most of today’s tech and innovation came from trying to go into space.

We’re not going back to the buggy and horse day. That’s a dead end run. Our mission is, to infinity and beyond, even if Disney didn’t get it right.

Here is where I am not so confident in trusting Bezos. He seems to not be friendly to Elon Musk. I favor Musk, and maybe this too is a bias I need to sort better. I hear from governments they want us going green, and yet the only company that has successfully gave us the most EV cars and is changing technology is Elon Musk through Tesla. Elon Musk has evolved rocket science more in 20 years than NASA has in 75 years!

Bezos has a really neat rocket idea, but I don’t see that he has seriously changed the landscape of technology. He certainly didn’t give us a new, Star Trek like space suit! Thank you, Musk, for making space travel sexy again.

But more, if the goal is truly to get us into space and change the world’s technology and improve our ability to interact with each other and the planet responsibly, couldn’t Bezos, Musk, and Bill Gates simply work together to get this done? Is the rivalry real? Is this all necessary competition to force technological evolution in the shortest time frame? Cause seriously, to hear the governments speak, we’re beyond crisis, we’re just waiting for the fall out of our poor choices.

Or, is the rivalry all show. It’s a song and dance to impress people there really is nothing going on behind the curtains, but in truth- we are on schedule, in a protocol that moves us to a particular date and time when we all know- ‘it’s aliens.’

Cause if you believe Robert Bigelow, ‘it’s aliens.’ They’re here. And so Bigelow, Bezos, Gates, and Musk are likely working with the secret US Space Force that was a thing before Trump made it a visible thing, appropriating the Star Trek federation symbol for their flag and insignias, which in juxtaposition to Haim Eshed, Israeli retired space security chief in 2018 saying ‘it’s aliens, and there’s a galactic federation and the US is in cahoots…’

How are the informed journalist not lining all of this DATA up?

Artifact V: Avi Loeb

This is the last artifact from the video being discussed. It coincides with the beginning of this essay, reptilians and hybrids and the devil in league with the Vatican picture and Arthur C Clarke’s book, Childhood’s End. It’s not just that there seems to be a protocol, but it seems like the whole thing is just scripted out as nice as you please.

Avi Loeb, Harvard Physicist, a guy on the record for saying “it’s aliens’ in this video asks you to go along with one of his thought experiments. If he was really being scientific about this, he would point out his theorizing isn’t original. He suggests God is just an alien and that an alien species created us, the same we we are now working on creating life in the lab and will one day likely create our own universe.

I only need to point out Arthur C Clarke’s vision to say, sorry Doctor Loeb, but not really an original idea here. I am pleased the head of physics at Harvard is discussing this kind of stuff.

I would love to talk with you, Doctor Loeb. Maybe you and me and Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Joe Rogan show.

I am going to be in serious trouble one day when Joe calls me up, a bit high on the smoke, and says, “John, my friend, let’s talk…” I will be like speechless for the first time ever. Or, I will be like, Um, yeah, who is this for real?

There are lots of esteemed writers who have suggested aliens are here. There are lots of esteem writers who have speculated we are the creation of aliens. Some say we’re their descendants. Some say we’re hybrids. Some say we’re just an experiment. Heck, you can get all of that from just Erich von Däniken, who has been saying as much since the 1960s!

Delores Cannon, author, hypnotist for abductees and past lives, was very clear in her books- humans are the creation of spiritual beings, aliens if you will. We are their children. We are multidimensional beings. We have souls. Aliens have souls. The Earth was an experiment. Humans were supposed to live longer lives, but a meteorite introduced an incompatible bacteria which resulted in much shorter life spans for life forms on earth. Instead of blowing up the planet and starting over, they decided too much time and energy was invested in Earth life and so, the experiment was allowed to go on with minimal interventions.

The experiment was in free-will. That theory was written in her books. It wasn’t her theory, but rather- it is what multiple people under hypnosis told her. She simply reported what she was told. It’s easy to dismiss her idea of creation being set back by an incompatible bacteria from space. Even she remarked being skeptical. It didn’t fit her own understanding of things. It sounds nuts. Even I glossed over that information when I first read it.

And then scientists say this:

Fecal transplants means they irradiate a person and replace their bacteria with another set of bacteria. Changing your bacteria can make you look younger, it could make you thinner without a diet or exercise, and it can reverse cognitive decline.

It begs the question, are we the host to bacteria, or do bacteria allow us to exist? If bacteria exists everywhere, then any complex life forms owes its existence to these guys.

I close out this essay with this idea from a recent Wonderful Person Anton Video. Life on Earth may have started much sooner than anyone ever considered. There is good evidence that it likely began underwater, around volcanic vents. Anton, quoting science, is very clear- if this is how life starts, then it is very likely that life is everywhere in the universe.

If life is here, then it’s everywhere. If it started even before we recognize it starting, then you know it started elsewhere before here. That paradoxical question about where are all the aliens? Well, go look in the mirror.

The devil is in the details? Maybe we should look at all the data and start corelating information.




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