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The Multiverse as a Simulation

“The universe does not dictate Consciousness, Consciousness being your Soul. Consciousness dictates the universe.”

John Ege
6 min readSep 16, 2023


Before I dive deeper into the Love Covered Life’s interview of Darius J. Wright, I want a quick mention of Robert Grimes. In a Life After Life NDE podcast, found below, she shared what sounds like a Fear Death Experience, a term I found in the Big Book of NDEs by PMH Atwater. It’s an experience I, too, have had. Very specifically, her experience aligns with mine, there was a fear of an absence of God of such magnitude we found ourselves in a light being comforted. Perhaps it’s only meaningful to me, or people who have experienced it, but when you find enough people saying there is a light… Doesn’t that influence you to wonder?

LCL’s OBE REVEALS: Our Simulation is ENDING; What Lies Beyond is INSANE!

Perhaps I should share how eerily similar my experience was to the one she opened that podcast with. Very specifically, I had been worrying about death, and carrying that into a dream became a nightmare. I was worried that everything died, the atoms fade, God dies, and that’s why he had a son. I was 14. I was unable to wake from the nightmare on my own, though I was struggling. It ended abruptly, with me out of my body, floating in the room, bathed in the bluest, sharpest light I have ever seen.

There were no shadows in the room. The light encompassed everything. I could see 360 degrees, I could see under the bed, behind objects, even pictures hanging in the room, no shadows- as if every object was cut and pasted into this frame of reference from another film strip. It was solid, real, and like a montage. The only way I could describe the light has been to refer to it as a sustained lightning strike.

A voice spoke to me, “be calm. all is well.”

Perhaps when you hear her version, you find it vaguely fits, but just that small anecdote she shares, fearing the absence of God triggering a light and voice that talked to her is enough for me to revisit that moment to such a degree I might as well still be that young, 14 year old me.

Life as a video game paradigm.

In the old days, like before modern man, life was sometimes considered an illusion by…



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