The OMG, Aliens Are Real Drama

While NASA’s Bill Nelson, and Even Doctor Kirkpatrick, retiring AARO lead, tried to keep out sensationalism, Doctor Avi Loeb or ‘the Guardian’ just led with “I told you so.”

John Ege
8 min readNov 30, 2023


The world, not a few on the fringe track of history unwinding behind closed doors, and the millions of enthusiasts who were saying this aliens way before Doctor Loeb’s book Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, will soon all be copied in on “it’s aliens.” This is no small thing. Even NASA could preempt some of the drama that will definitely ensue by confirming life on Mars, Venus, Europa, or on a planet in a nearby solar system. Yay Doctor Loeb for saying it’s aliens. He is not the first PhD to say so. Not the first Harvard chair holding PhD to say so. But the drama just reached print.

Those saying humanity can’t handle the truth forget it is the ones with ego invested in ‘discoveries’ who will suffer the most.

The astrophysicist and professor likes to ruffle feathers — and says his critics are merely jealous. He discusses UFOs, interstellar objects and the risks of his all-consuming search…

Or, so says The Guardian’s author Daniel Lavelle, in The alien hunter: has Harvard’s Avi Loeb found proof of extraterrestrial life? Has Lavelle or Loeb thrown down the gauntlet? Is this a challenge to the world? Who gets to have credit for announcing aliens, the experiencers who have been saying they’re here since at least the 1940s, the Office of Global Access that sent men to collect cloaked UFOs they tracked, the men that bravely went into said craft to shake hands with aliens and ‘invite’ them to safe house while they wait for pickup by their people, or Erich von Däniken?

Some memes are not proprietary.

No one owns the sun. Newton didn’t patently own gravity. He didn’t even discover it. He described it better than anyone previously, but sorry, not his. Columbus couldn’t have found the Americas if there were people living there.

I know the story and lots of folks lost out on how we define proprietary knowledge and land acquisition. Smart rich people can still…



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