Why Society Doesn’t Acknowledge Aliens

It’s all about the money!

John Ege
8 min readNov 22, 2022


You and I can probably debate to the end of time why scientist and academia don’t want to look at the data of aliens. Let them be. Because real people, in real positions of power, are discussing aliens, and the likelihood it will be the worst thing to ever happened- to our economy!

The Believer by Ralph Blumenthal review — could alien abduction really be true?

Yes, I know. Crazy, eh? Market analyst fear an alien invasion. I can make arguments for and against their position. So, against. It just means a change in markets, not the end of the economy. Sure, music CDs were bad for vinyl records, but great for CDs. It also turned out, down the road, a small niche market was created for music elitist to revalue vinyl! Even bring back vacuum tubes, because analog is better than digital in ambiance.

Can’t digital digitally render the ambiance of analog?

Anway, if aliens are anything like Rodenberry’s Star Trek- stuff, who needs stuff? I have a replicator and a holodeck, so screw your stuff! And quite frankly, the sooner we get there, the better for the environment, for humanity, and everyone and everything everywhere and all at once.

Seriously, saying aliens is bad for the economy is like saying 2 plus 2 is four. Spirituality is also bad for the economy! If everyone in the world instantaneously woke up satisfied with who they are and what they have, the world economy would collapse. That’s why after 9/11, when the family finally came together and were praying and wanting to serve, President Bush Jr’s first speech was ‘go back to work, buy things, stay asleep!”

Seriously, put on these sun glasses.

Even spiritual gurus know about marketing, which is why so many variants of religions, and enlightenment circles, sell their philosophies, because it would crash the economy if you gave it away for free. You think they’re teaching you to fish, but they’re actually doing a bait and switch.

When you look for gurus, look for the ones not asking for a handout.

The Market Brokers are betting on aliens!



John Ege

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