Father and Son

The Worries of Today

This soundless, montage we call life.

John Ege
5 min readOct 3, 2022


I know my story isn’t unique. So many fathers today spend the bulk of the time with their children remotely. Too many fathers? Having my son this week is good. It’s a shock, too. Taller? More annoying in some ways, more endearing in others. Where is that four year old I walked with daily, putting leaves into puddles and asking questions? Yes, I am about to break into a Fiddler on the Roof song. Is this spurious, haphazard montage of life because I lost the thread that ties these things together?

Night Café

You might have this question, ‘what did you do to make this life come about.’ It’s a seriously fair question. I think I sufficiently dwell on my faults to move towards self-improvement. I don’t think I over dwell. At some point, the endless turning of mind can be unproductive. You don’t even get polished stones! Right or wrong, these things unfolded. Here I am on this page.

My son is taller. He has some anxiety. He polices doors and safety like no one’s business. He worries I am not safe. It probably didn’t help that a room mate came home drunk and was loud and obnoxious, with law enforcement needing to verify she lived here, resulting in me giving her thirty day notice. Drama never ceases. But I will have a home conducive to my safety and security, and anyone living within that household, especially my son.

We create our own drama. We tolerate too much drama, but part of that might be necessary so people can learn how to function in the face of adversity.

We diminish our learning curb through the absence of drama.

The snapshots and videos I see of the hockey games and practice leave me amazed! He’s pretty good. That’s not just me being parentally biased. I see some wizardry there with a stick, running a puck around a person, between an opponent's feet, and slipping it over to a teammate who scores. I watch my son, appropriately aggressive, outright steal a puck, reverse it, come to a stop like he hit something, turn it about, and slam it into the net.

Who is that kid?! Wow.

I don’t see the group practice where he is not paying attention to the coach, and is goofing off…



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