Truth, Dare, or Lie- the UFO Game

The convolutedness of this UFO story is difficult to unpack. Obfuscation has been as real as UFOs ever were.

John Ege
5 min readMar 28

Let’s beat a dead horse. Sure, it’s been there on the desert floor long enough it’s just beautiful bones. People used to put these in their yards. Elephants supposedly have the good sense to tuck their dead bones away. Humans put dead things over the fireplace and in diners. Are lies dead things? Movies the bones of actual, real events? Can anything good come from a lie? The US Government drove Paul Bennewitz to his death, paranoid, isolated from friend and family, and crazy. He wasn’t, but society made him so. UFOs were real before. They’ve persisted through the dark ages of government psy-ops and science turning blind eyes to the corpses on the battlefield which was our own neighborhood. UFOs are real again. To what end?

The Airforce UFO Cover Up That Drove a Man INSANE | They’re LYING to US

So, just in case you haven’t seen the above clip before. Maj. Donald Keyhole is very clear. In 1947 the air technical intelligence center at Dayton, top air force men and scientist under contract said in secret documents to the commanding generals that UFOs are real and the best explanation is extraterrestrials. The military was actually training people for dealing with aliens, as evidence by SOPs that used the word ‘extraterrestrial’ in the training field guides.

Maybe this is not a dead horse. Maybe it’s a dead parrot. Reality today is feeling more and more like a Monty Python skit.

The Aviary’s Parakeet is Dead

Nothing kills a story faster than an admission of a lie. CIA operative exposes their operation to make Bennewitz crazy. Later on, the same operative says, ‘BTW, UFOs are real and Bennewitz got most of it right.’

Legitimate men and women of authority were saying UFOs were real in the 50s. Six decades later, we get news articles like: Nearly Six decades after seminal Montana UFO, air force vets brief Pentagon. Bit late, wouldn’t you say?

Aliens watching could be sending tiny probes. You want an alien probe? Bring me the Betz mystery sphere? The silver ball with no seams would roll up hill and avoid falling off tables. It was studied by scientist and…



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