UAPs Are Driven by Non-Human Intelligent Entities

If you missed the memo, American Marine Corps naval aviator, and scientist, Donald Keyhole said flying saucers are real, 1950. A lot of people have spoken the very same. The most recent, credible, government insider, retired, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Christopher Melon has articulated in no uncertain terms, it’s aliens. That article is linked below.

Are UFOs for real? Why everyone is talking about them much more seriously now

UFOs are real! Why aren’t more people discussing this seriously?!

Christopher Melons statements are refreshingly and radically clear. It’s not like no one else has been equally clear. 2017, Robert Bigelow on 60 Minutes said very clearly UFOs are real, there are aliens on earth. That was prior to the NY Times article, Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program, saying UFOs are real and the government knows. They’re spending millions of dollars studying them.

What journalist reading that ground breaking story returned to Bigelow and ask, ‘What else you got?” Is this a failure of journalism to be fair and honest? We can certainly find lots of evidence of humor and sarcasm around the UFO story front. Maybe that’s evidence of being human with fear, a safety mechanism that allows us to function when the world gets upside down. Maybe that’s evidence of the subject being controlled, which leads you to the revelation that news isn’t being reported, but created.

I too easily fall on the conspiracy side of things. I want to believe in human goodness, and that there is a reason and time for things falling out the way they do. Maybe there is a bigger picture. Maybe it’s true, most humans today are not ready to accept or understand there are non-human, superior intelligent, telepathic, entities. That can be humbling or scary depending on your capabilities and faculties.

They’re not just visiting earth. They live here. They have always lived here.

The Beat Goes On

2017, David Fravor, Top Gun, Naval Aviator with 22 plus years experienced stated that in 2004 he engaged a UFO and, “It’s not of this Earth.” It’s aliens. Nimitz fleet had it on radar. Aircraft had it on radar. NORAD confirmed radar tracking from orbit to sea level. Make no mistake, NORAD is tracking UFOs! They’re not reporting. Two aviators, two wizards, had eyes on this object. They all agree, it’s alien. There story didn’t end there. That object confounded them further by instantaneously traveling 60 miles in a second, arriving stationary, not coasting to a stop, dead center of their CAP point, their designated area of patrol that only they knew.

Okay, maybe you can dismiss their reports and the spookiness of this situation. There is woo here! Scientists are afraid of woo. They should be. It means their paradigms are incomplete, and no one, not me, not anyone, likes realizing their paradigm is about to get an update!

Humanity is in story for a huge update! Put on the sunglasses!

In 2020, Haim Eshed stated very clearly at a press conference. Aliens are real. There is a Galactic Federation and their representatives are on Earth, and the US Government knows. He is not a crazy person. He is has credentials. He is esteemed. Here, read them for yourself.

Haim Eshed alternatively romanized as Chaim Eshed (Hebrew: חיים אשד; born 1933) is a visiting professor of aeronautics and astronautics at various space technology research institutions. A retired brigadier general in Israeli Military Intelligence, Eshed was director of space programs for Israel Ministry of Defense for nearly 30 years, is former chair of the Space Committee of the National Council for Research and Development for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space and a member of the steering committee of Israel Space Agency. Eshed is responsible for the launch of 20 Israeli made satellites, and he is widely cited as the father of Israel’s space program.

In 1967, Eshed was awarded the Chief of Staff Citation, the highest non-combat decoration awarded by the IDF. Throughout his career he also received the Israel Defense Prize — the highest civilian defense honor of the State of Israel — three times, but the reasons remain classified.

Eshed served at the highly secretive Unit 81, which provided technological solutions to the IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate.

It’s difficult to point out to highly secretive and severely elusive agencies, but if you think they don’t exist, you’re the one that needs the tin hat in order to think more clearly. You’re the one being controlled. The promise of immunity for whistle blowers in regards to UFOs and aliens is being constructed even now by US Congress, with the bipartisan urgency to unravel the truth here.

In this, Congress is proving to be quite human. Even they don’t like being lied to, blocked from data and information they believe they should have access to. And they’re right! The military, and all intelligence organizations, are first and foremost responsible and responsive to the citizens. The representatives are the elected speakers for us. It is our right to know what’s up.

It is the world’s right to know if we’re being visited by aliens. We definitely need to know if we’re sharing this world with non-human intelligence, so we can be better neighbors and not inadvertently cause our neighbors harm!

One could argue that just being good to the environment, the very thing that by all science says gave birth to humans and without which we couldn’t survive, is sufficient reason to be good neighbors!

Christopher Melon, in this very well written piece, clearly states, the moment immunity is established for whistle-blowers in this regards, the world will know we have the wreckage of crashed alien ships. We have bodies. We have been in dialogue with aliens. Not intimated. Not speculatively. Assuredly!

It is true that science has standards, but it also true science has been delinquent. Millions of people weighing in on this can’t be dismissed. John E Mack, Harvard scientist can’t be dismissed. Jacques Fabrice Vallée can’t be dismissed! John Allen Hynek can’t be dismissed. They’re all on record saying UFOs are real, it’s aliens.

If you accept that Harvard physicist, Doctor Avi Loeb is credible when he says it’s aliens, you now have to revoke all penalties applied to John E Mack and open this discussion up. They both held chairs at Harvard in their respective fields! I am okay celebrating Loeb! Just put Mack’s picture next to his because he was first!

I dare say Mack was ridiculed to a much greater degree than Loeb reports he is being ridiculed. I don’t doubt Loeb is being criticized and even blocked from doing research. Academia and science are failing humanity, having succumb to outdated, economic modalities that have ceased serving humanity since the invention and application of steam engines.

If we are going to evolve as a species, we can’t continue to practice economic principles that are little better than cavemen bartering, followed by clubs to the head if you fail to barter! Under this paradigm, it isn’t data unattached to human emotions that wins the day, but which scientist and university has the greatest grant.

When the observed attributes of UFOs are performing in the very manner described by Bob Lazar, regardless of what you think of his credential, you got to take note. I don’t care if he Bozo the clown. Data is data. Stop throwing out the evidence with dead messenger. When you line up all the publicly available data, it clearly says- it’s aliens.

And to this regard, Melon unerringly states- there is data that is not public! Maybe that’s not news for those in the UFOlogy. But for the world to hear from a government official that we, the public, the academics, and the scientists, don’t have the whole story, that should have everybody in the world demanding more data!

In 2020, Haim was ridiculed for saying the very same thing. True, he didn’t say it eloquently, in a clinically polite prose that adds enough seasoning to the treatise to make it more palpable for academics. There was no journalist fervor trying to get the truth with Haim. That didn’t spark more interest in Bigelow’s statement, or others, or more research. I doubt Melon’s piece will go viral, either.

I doubt there are any journalists championing this ‘UFOs are Aliens’ document at all. Why is it only the civilians interested in UFOlogy the only one championing the evidence and credible speakers?

With the exception of Bryce Zabel and Ross Coulthart, are there any other journalist taking this story to heart and lining up all the extraordinary pieces to the story. Don’t we all “Need to Know?”

There is extraordinary evidence to be had! There is so much extraordinary evidence one might argue the avoidance of examining it is evidence of paranormal restraint!

In conclusion,

This is a quote from Melon’s piece amused me…

More to the point, if a single wealthy individual can send a probe to another star system, what doubt is there that a far older and more advanced alien civilization could send probes across interstellar space? Note that there is no requirement for superluminal travel.

I would say, more to the point, if a single, wealthy individual can put a Tesla Roadster into space, just because he can, you can bet your ass smarter aliens than us are sending better artifacts than space trash. Wouldn’t it be funny if aliens brought it back with a ticket on the windshield for littering?

I am certainly not saying 1 car is having an environmental impact on the universe. I am saying, we’re too smart to be playing ego driven games of demonstrating wealth and prowess. That is the greatest waste of resources. Not the matter itself, but all the human minds and emotions that could be devoted to better endeavors because we are that divided we kill our neighbors as quickly as ant on the sidewalk of life.

We went to the moon in 69, and so humans have been sitting on their asses for way too long. We have work to do if we’re going to join the Cosmic Community!

If you want an overview of Melon’s writing, I highly recommend Chris Lehto’s video, linked below. He highlights some of the best points in the article.

We are not alone. We share this world with non-human intelligence. It’s in our best interest to take better care of this world. How we treat our plants, our animals, our fellow humans, those that are criminals and mentally ill, how we treat the very waters and airs that nurture us is all the evidence an alien needs to know whether or not we’re worthy of friendship.

I dare say, if there are malicious, malcontent aliens in the universe- it would be us. What makes that statement perfectly confounding is that we’re capable enough to be more civilized.




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