Most of us in the UFO community believe in aliens, and we’re waiting for the promise of a day when there is no doubt- it’s called Disclosure. Well, we had it in 2017 and 2018 with the release of the TicTac UFO footage, with addendum- reports from the Navy Pilots who witnessed it, and from the statements from the Pentagon. There is no conspiracy. There is a coverup, that much can be evidenced by the sheer number of controversial statements released by the military, not the least of them coming recently from the Navy saying they destroyed documents concerning the TicTac evidence. You can bet your ass, there is more footage of that tictac than the 30 seconds we saw from Commander David Fravor’s gun cameras. How many other jets were in the air with him? Where’s there’s footage? Where’s the radar tracking video from the Nimitz carrier group? You think they just deleted that? Not likely.

People have this misconception that we’re not getting ‘full disclosure’ because the public can’t handle the truth. Well, that’s nonsense. Most people believe. Most people are actually good, reasonable people. So, for example, when asked to wear masks to help reduce the spread a disease, most people are more than happy to comply with that, because we’re educated, we understand germ theory and the chain of transmission of infectious diseases, and we care enough about the people around us that we want to help. The people that had the most difficulties were the governments. Local and federal governments were too indecisive. They can’t make decisions without pushing it through a political filter, and if it doesn’t fit their narrative, they can’t use it. That’s not necessarily a reflection of voters picking idiots, but more likely evidence of extremely limited voting pool most people have access to. Unlike ‘Brewster’s Million’ remake, we don’t have the option for ‘none of the above.’ In the US, there are fifty states, and fifty different set of responses to COVID. The Federal Government also had a unique position on it, and clearly no one governmental entity were consistently working together to make things better. Around the world, there many difference responses to COVID. You can do your own research as to which had the most effective response.

Most people are reasonable, decent people. Getting full disclosure about the presence of aliens visiting Earth is not about how the masses will respond, but how our various governments will respond. The average person, they’re going to stay home and watch the news and review information on the internet. Yeah, maybe there will be a few riots- after all, some people are easily influenced by media and governments employees doing dumb shit- and so, yeah, but most people, like they did on 9/11, are just going to stay home until the president comes out and says- ‘go back to work and spending money.” You seriously underestimate how amazing people are until there is a crisis. 9/11, in New York, business gave away shoes and water as the masses walked out of the city. Not one crime happened that day. Most people are reasonable.

The governments of the world have the most to lose with disclosure. Corporations are next in line for loosing out after full-disclosure. Do you really think people are going to be competing for who has the latest IWatch when you know that alien tech is superior to any of the stuff we have access to? After disclosure, the only thing that is going to matter is family, friends, and the intellectual and spiritual truths we’re going to fathom after this. Don’t believe me? Here is some evidence.

In 2015, President Clinton gave the greatest impromptu speech of all time, in response to the suspicion of finding evidence of fossilized life in a Mars rock. He literally invited us to consider we are not alone in the Universe. On concluding that speech, he opened it up to questions. The first reporter to speak asked what he intends to do to fortify abortion rights. Seriously? It’s not the masses with the problem, it’s all the political rhetoric and bullshit and the people pushing that shit that’s the problem. No one in Congress today can get a bill passed that has any merit because nobody will vote based on merit. They vote based on who sponsored it. Regardless of whether or not a bill has any merit, if one team votes yes, the other is going to vote no. And if something really makes sense, they bury it at the bottom of a bill attached with a dozen other ‘stupid ass’ things that make no sense so that they can say, “well, I voted for that, but it got killed.”

Vote one dam bill at a time, and that shit will go away and we can hold our leaders responsible for their decisions. Why is it everyone has to be responsible except our leaders? Well, because, the majority of us are actually reasonable, and everyone else is fucking insane. Who is going to vote for dumb ass politicians who are doing their best to maximize their incomes, and the incomes of the corporate world that pays them through lobbyist, when we all know that there is life out there, they’re visiting us, and we, as a society can do better… Why deal with insanity when I can say, fuck this, I am on the next ship out of here.

Most people care about global warming, they care about the quality of the water they drink, the air they breathe, the oceans and how many fish will be remaining, whether or not those fish have mercury in them, and cleaning up the Great Garbage Patch that is bigger than the state of Texas floating in the Pacific. We don’t like this shit. Did you know, the movie Avatar was so powerful that many viewers left the theaters depressed? Seriously, Avatar has a depression syndrome because we all know what can be, but we’re not meeting our potential. We know we have failed mother Earth and that we can do better, but we are blocked by leaders who care more about getting re-elected than what their grand kids will inherit from us because of our nearsightedness.

Will aliens change that? No. And they shouldn’t. It’s our job to be good stewards of our planet. It’s our job to treat each other with decency. Most of us do that much of the time. The masses are not concerned about aliens coming to kill us. If they’re here, and they wanted to, we’re not going to stop them with our tech. We know they’re here. We know they can wipe us out if they were so inclined; the fact that we’re still here is evidence enough for me that they’re watching and hoping the majority of us will stop playing the present game of politics and do something different.

News agency are not reporting news. They are told what to say. They’re following scripts. Academics are also following scripts. Don’t believe me, look at every expert brought into the news studio to comment on the TICTAC UFO. (UAP! Fuck that, it’s a UFO. Stop changing the terminology. A duck is duck.) To a one, every scientist flat out said, “Not aliens.” Really? Based on what, you saying you’re an expert? There were no ‘probably not,’ or ‘maybe not,’ just a lot of snickering and jokes, and cuing up X-file themes. If nothing else, it would have been nice if at least one credible scientist said, “I don’t know, but this is interesting… Can I get more footage of this?” Scientist ask for data, right? You can’t know something without data, and more than one person looking at the data? It’s called peer review, right?

The fact that the Pentagon said “Yeah, we’ve been tracking UAPs for a while…” that wasn’t enough to get an apology to every person who was ridiculed on television for saying they saw a UFO? The Phoenix Lights Incident deserves an apology from every news agency. You know how to do that, right? You script it and everyone reads the apology whether they meant it or not? Apologize for the snide remarks and the down playing of what, 100,000 thousand people witnessed? They witnessed that on March 13th, 1997- but it didn’t get news coverage until what, June? You know why? You can’t keep that many witnesses silent! It wasn’t fucking flares. And who had the problem with the sighting? The government. People called and queried. The local government directed callers to the military. The military redirected callers back to the government. Who would want to ask the press after thirties years of solid ridicule anytime someone said aliens or UFO. In fact, where are any actual new footage of the incident? Reporters have cameras, right? Did they not have fucking reporters on the street that were looking up at the time? Did someone maybe run in and say, ‘hey, you got to come see this UFO’ and they just sit there and snicker, yeah, right… Is there not one legitimate reporter from Phoenix who saw this and will go on the record, “yeah, that wasn’t a flare.”???

Most of us don’t need disclosure. We know. We’re waiting, not for UFO’s to land, but for governments and nations to grow the fuck up, stop inciting wars, start programs to clean up our corners of the world, devote serious time and energy to well-fare programs, like improving nutrition for everyone as well as more mental health programs, and reasonably price medical care. Medicine doesn’t have to cost what it costs. I almost believe UFOs will land on the white house before we get reasonable leaders and reasonable policies. If the UFO’s are waiting for that, fuck we’ll never get disclosure. We want less criminal justice, more mental health! Stop building prisons and build more psych hospitals. We would like people in office to actually refer to real science, not science that has been economized and politicized for the benefits of the regimes that control us. Most of us are not worried about what aliens will do to us- we have too much real worry about what our own fucking leaders are doing to us.

No anger here at all, right? I am just very passionate. I have a son. Many of you have children and grandchildren, and you don’t want your kids having to deal with all the nuclear waste that is seeping out of storage cans at all the nuclear power plants because no one has the courage to fucking deal with it. For all the money we spend on nuclear power plants, we could be putting solar panels up everywhere. Every house in America should have that- as the long terms benefits outweigh the short term benefits from nuclear power plants. We don’t want to see our kids and grand-kids go hungry because we over fished the sea, and didn’t plant enough sustainable forests. We don’t want to see our pregnant wives having to gauge how much mercury is in the tuna that might harm the baby. There should be like zero mercury in tuna. Period. Just like, there should have never been lead-based paint sold in America. We’ve known lead was bad since the Roman days; all those poor bastards drinking out of lead cups, not good. Did you ever wonder why Odysseus got smarter, but his crew got dumber? Lead cups.

Maybe if our leaders had had more lead paint in their homes, things would have improved faster. Yeah, we don’t have a disclosure problem, we have a leadership problem.

I am a father, a counselor, and have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world. I enjoy writing, exploring consciousness, and listening to others.

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