Aliens and War

Will the UFO War be a Spiritual War

John Ege
6 min readJan 5, 2022

I ask that not in jest, but the analog is that the coming war might seem comical to those only skimming the surface of UFO related news and paranormal activities. Maybe just anyone skimming the news period is not aware of what is and what’s coming. We have been told all our lives there is nothing in the closet, nothing under the bed, nothing in the skies swooping down and taking us. There are some persistent voices saying the contrary, but they’re drowned out by the masses- go back to sleep. Those I know that still attend the secularized-churches will say we have always been in a spiritual war, but I find their voices are echoing the the masses, “sleep, damn you…” Are you ready to become a Jedi?

Light Saber Fighting Styles

There are folks that think UFOs are demons and evil and these are the end times. I can relate to their arguments. I can see arguments against. It’s a dialectic and most the time I am for aliens being the good guys and humans… Well, I think most humans are mostly good, but I am afraid of some humans, that’s for damn sure.

It feels imperative in a discussion of war to define parameters. Having been raised in a particular faith, that definition of spiritual warfare was fairly black and white, even though the battlefield seems to be shades of gray. In the real world, there seems to be war against truth. Truth defined by a state can’t be questioned. Science should be questioned and debated. Reality should be debated!

Religions should be fiercely contested, hence my use of the word ‘secularized-churches.’ You would think churches would support studies on parapsychology and near death experiences, because those concepts necessarily reinforce the abstraction that we are not just our bodies. In truth- all of that evidence would rob them of followers, and so religion can’t put science to religion, and the scientist can’t put soul into matter.

There is evidence for the media lying. Is a spiritual war simply wading through misdirection looking for truth? Are those who ask question, and try to limit judgement working for the light? And why am I trying to integrate UFOs and parapsychology into this treatise of spiritual warfare?

Glowing Auras and Black Ops



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