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Your Ego Is Not the Enemy

John Ege
6 min readNov 18, 2022

Enlightenment cannot come at the cost of ego. You don’t become a great spiritual being by murdering folks. The ego is a person, an avatar for navigating a simulation. A lot of energy is invested in developing this point of reference, which exists in a context of spacetime/bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework.

Stardust, guardian of the wall

You are not your body. As long as you have a body, your job is to attend to it. You necessarily must contend to activity level, nutrition, health, anomalies, and change.

Just as you are not your body, you are also not your ego. It is something that needs attending to. It changes over time. If left to its own devices, it will develop the way it wants. If you are kind, and nurturing, your ego develops in a particular way. If you’re cruel, contentious, or unreasonably disciplined- your ego will reflect that.

If taking care of your body requires attention, why would you imagine your ego needs less attention. Some bodies, some egos, need discipline. Some are naturally buff and active without effort. Some bodies, some egos, just need to be more chill. The recipe of you is for you to decide what flavor you are hoping to manifest.

The recipe of life changes as we live our life. What works now might not work forever. What I did as kid doesn’t work so great now.



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